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Sometimes, appearances are deceptive, and the Elevape Smart Vaporizer may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it's actually the Mercedes Benz of portable vaporizers. This precise mechanical black box hides a very sophisticated vaporizer, with many functions and lots of engineering work. The Elevape Vaporizer, developed by IPuff USA, is the world's first and only intelligent vaporizer.

IPuff USA was founded in 2010 in San Diego, California, with the conviction of creating “the most user friendly, efficient, sophisticated and stealthiest portable vaporizer in the market”. The project involved a group of engineers with vast knowledge in thermodynamics, sensing systems, air-flow analysis, as well as software development and product design. All in all, the combination of these disciplines managed to create what they were precisely looking for.

It activates with inhalation

The Elevape vape turns on itself when you start inhaling. Instead of an on/off button, there is an advanced microprocessor that detects and controls the airflow and heats it. There is no warm-up time: it allows to vaporize instantly. In addition, this system significantly increases battery life and efficiency.

Controlled by a software app

This app, which was developed exclusively for the Elevape vaporizer, allows you to adjust your own temperature preferences and check the battery status and usage statistics at a glance. Really useful, perfectly designed.

But what makes the Elevape Vaporizer so intelligent?

The Elevape vape uses a titanium alloy coil as a heat source. The vaporization process is constantly controlled by a microprocessor which controls the heating coil more than 100 times per second to maintain the heating chamber with a constant temperature. While inhaling, the Elevape vaporizer continuously adjusts the temperature of the airflow, so that you always get dense and flavorful vapor, no matter how hard you inhale. The Elevape vape works with a 1200mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery with a built-in charge control. This high-power battery allows you to use it immediately after the activation of the unit, and has enough power to last almost a whole day. The battery can be recharged in any USB port. The Elevape vaporizer comes with 3 adjustable temperature settings, modifiable by the user using the exclusive App Elevape Smart (it can be downloaded for free at elevapesmart.com). The Elevape vape is made of premium aluminum and its surface is micro-polished and anodized for a fancy, anti-scratch finish. The herb chamber is covered with a special coating for easy cleaning. The Elevape Smart is simple to use: Fill in the chamber with your favorite dry herb, activate the unit and begin to inhale!

Now that we rely on our smartphones for almost everything, it was to be hoped that soon other devices would also be intelligent. As you may have guessed, this is what happened to our beloved vaporizer. NamasteVapes invites you to try the incredible Elevape vaporizer so that you could judge it by your own means. It is true that its design may not be as attractive as other vapes, but surely this one is much cleverer. Will are glad to help you. For any piece of advice, just contact us for a fast reply within hours!

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