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Here at NamasteVapes.com Powered By Lifted you will find a wide range of vaporizers that will meet your needs and personal preferences. We have reviewed and outlined the top vaporizers on the market, and we are excited to share them with you. Portable vaporizers have been the most popular type of vaporizer , they are small, compact and powerful. It is a difficult choice when choosing a vaporizer, with such a wide variety available. To make it easy for you we have chosen the best for you.

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Popular Vaporizers - The Pax

Pax Vaporizers

The Pax 2 made the way for the Pax 3 which instantly skyrocketed in popularity, taking 1st place in our Top 5 Dried Product Vaporizers of 2019. Read this blog to discover the 5 best dried product vaporizers on the market.

Pax 3 is one of the highest selling vapes of this year. The Pax 2 has hung on, since Pax's price drop. It's now considered one of the best budget vapes. 2018 so far as whole has been a exciting year for vaporizers, but it's not over get. There are still more exciting things to happen this year.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The Volcano Classic is the famous desktop vaporizer by the one and only Storz & Bickel. This desktop vaporizer consists of high quality durable stainless steal and heat-resistant plastic. It is built with the best technology and produces high quality vapor.  

The Volcano uses a forced air system to fill balloons. The Classic is the analog version of the two Volcano vaporizers. This vaporizer is easy to use because of the turn dial, it allows you to set the temperature of the unit ranging from 1 to 9. It is the best desktop vaporizer on the market, with its proven name and track record.

volcano vaporizer
The Mighty Monster - Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty

The Mighty Vaporizer earns it's status as one of the best portable vapes on the market because of its ability to produce high-quality vapor in a robust handheld design. There are very few vaporizers on the market capable of dispensing such consistently top-notch vapor.

This is pretty much a handheld Volcano! Though on the rigid side of hand-held vaporizers this monster of a machine seriously packs a punch and makes it an ideal vape to bring on hikes or to festivals. It can handle itself, think of the durability of a crowbar and you've got the Mighty!

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