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Vaporizers have become part and parcel of a lot of peoples lives these days. Vapes have seen such a substantial increase in popularity over the last 6/7 years, so much so that the Vaporizer industry has leaped to a whopping worth of over $2 billion dollar. With no signs of slowing down, Vapes are fast becoming the most popular way to enjoy your dry herbs. With this great leap in popularity comes with it an ever-growing list of new and innovative Vaporizers. 

Vaporizer technology is exponential and we are seeing the rewards for this now with new vaporizers being released each and every month. NamasteVapes goes to great lengths in order to provide our loyal customers with only the best of the best Vapes available. Our dedicated research team go to great lengths to find the best Vaporizers currently on the market and we aim to provide unbeatable prices. 

Oh and Namaste Vapes always uses discreet billing and plain packaging on our shipping on all orders. Also, Namaste Vapes ships from the USA with free local shipping on orders over $100 - it's only fair!

Best Herbal Vaporizer | Some of the Frontrunners

Well, where else to start other than the "iPhone of Vaporizers" the Pax 3 Vaporizer. Continuously referred to as the pinnacle of dry herb vaping, the Pax 3 Vape is a worthy bearer of this tag. 

If the Pax 3 is out of your price range well then you're in luck. The Pax 2 Vaporizer received a price reduction and is now an absolute steal. Seriously, this quality of vape at this price is value for money. 

One of the more innovative Vapes we have seen lately is the Hydrology 9 Vaporizer which uses water cooling technology to provide a chilled and refreshing hit. This is not like any other Vaporizer out there. 

The hugely anticipated successor to the Arizer Solo was released to great acclaim and the Arizer Solo II Vaporizer has exceeded all of our expectations. Like all Arizer products, this is a reliable, efficient and stylish dry herb vape. One of the best vaporizers around. 

We couldn't do a list regarding best vaporizers without including the Storz and Bickel flagship product; the Mighty Vaporizer. The Mighty Vape is one of the true powerhouse Vapes that is definitely worth the investment. Need a vape thats powerful and going to last? The Mighty is one of the best vaporizers.

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