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Featured Vaporizers

Popular Vaporizers from the US

Vaporizers have seen a huge increase in popularity and sales over the last 5 years so much so that they have leaped from a $1.7 billion dollar industry in 2014 to a $2 billion dollar industry. With this great leap in popularity comes with it an ever-growing list of new and innovative Vaporizers. Particularly in the last 12 months, there has been a great number of new additions to our most popular vaporizers collection. Additions in late 2015 / early 2016 have been the world's best selling vaporizers - the new Arizer Air and the incredible G Pen Elite Vaporizer by Grenco Science. The improvements made to both brand's vaporizers have seen them become much smaller, lighter, compact and efficient. Haze Technologies have made waves with their new and improved Haze Dual V3 portable vape which has new-age features including two separate heating chambers for Dry blends and oils / waxes with a switch for interchangeable use. 


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