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Flowermate Vaporizers

Flowermate’s main focus is taking a care to both dry product and concentrates and elevating them to another level, which will allow you to have the highest quality vape possible.

With their products, they’re able to deliver an experience like no other. Sleek and practical, these are some of the perfect vapes for daily dry product or wax use, but done in style. We have for you here a whole range of Flowermate’s best products. These effective models are perfect for any casual or heavy session with each model specializing in something different. Despite the range offered by Flowermate, one thing is common across most of their models is their hybrid functions, allowing you to vaporize all kinds of dried products and concentrates.

Best of Flowermate Vaporizers

All-in-one Flowermate V5.0 Pro

The All-In-One

Flowermate were one of the first companies to truly dedicate themselves to vaping anything. Something NamasteVapes can really appreciate. Many of their vaporizers are modular so that you can easily switch between the dried product attachments and the concentrate attachments they come with.

Even the vaporizers that aren’t modular are capable of vaping any desired material with just a few changes in the settings. With a good Flowermate, everything the vaping world has to offer is in the palm of your hand.

Your New Vaping Partner

Imagine having an entire vaping collection in one amazing device. Beautifully able to handle both dried products and concentrates; devices like these work magic for parties. Passing it around is simple and if people want to switch up what material they want to use it’s just a simple change.

But this vape isn’t a hero because of all of the things it can vape. What if you just want Dried Products? Well, you’ll be safe knowing that Flowermate vaporizers can last for more than 2 hours and many come with an OLED screen to keep an eye on your settings.

Arizer Solo II
Flowermate V5.0s mini

More Than Worth It

If you’re looking for power and flavor, you might be able to find better, but if you’re in the market for a sturdy, dependable and stealthy vaporizer at a very reasonable price, then a Flowermate might just be for you.

The slick, matte designs look great and the sloped edges of the body give Flowermate’s portable vaporizers an amazing ability to just slip into your pocket until ready. These are the kind of nice functions that really make a vape, and the fact that they all come in at such a reasonable price point make them a great purchase to grab.

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