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Spoon Pipes


Marley Glass and Walnut Wood Spoon Pipe The Marley Naturals spoon pipe truly shows what this company does best. Taking a simple design, improving on it and making it their own. Keeping in line with...

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Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe with Gold Stripe Decal The Marley Natural Smoked Spoon Pipe is a beautiful smoking piece from the official smoking brand of Bob Marley. Manufactured in the USA the pipe...


6" Glass Spoon Pipe | Grav Labs  This spoon pipe from Grav labs is not your everyday size. An average spoon on steroids, this extra large piece is a cool way to spark up, not...


Chameleon Glass - Deathly Hallows Spoon Pipe Don't Huffle puff, puff, pass on this deal! This glass piece features a Deathly Hallows symbol that glows-in-the-dark. Perfect for any Harry Potter fan.  This sturdy, glass pipe...


The Eyce Spoon pipe is another eye-catching piece to come from the Colorado manufacturers, Eyce.  The chunky silicone design not only looks awesome but feels great in your hands. You're unlikely to drop it but...


Pink Phallus Pipe Size isn't everything. This smaller version of the original Large Penis Pipe by Empire Glassworks still gets the job done. Coming in at a VERY respectable 4 inches, this spoon pipe is...


Enter the dragon! Fans of the show Game of Thrones will absolutely love this amazing handpipe! This GoT themed handpipe is of the newest heady handpipes that Empire Glassworks just released. It features 3 dragons,...


Get lost in the beautiful colors of this pipe This pipe has a gorgeous colored texture. It would make a great fit for any collection.


Beautiful Sea Grass Pipe Put your mind at ease with the bright, warm colors of the Sea Grass spoon pipe! This medium-sized hand pipe is ideal for both at-home and on the road usage thanks...


Gorgeous color and texture! This red colored pipe is sure to make a great addition to anyones collection!  


Keep Calm With Chameleon Glass, Puff Smooth!    Chameleon Glass is one of the most well known and respected American Glass companies. They are most popular for their hand pipes, bubblers, and accessories dating back...


Toke it up with Morty! The Morty is here! This Chameleon Glass spoon pipe is one cool accessory. Chameleon Glass is one of the most well known and respected American Glass companies. They are most popular...


Smoke classy! The Pin Stripe Glass Pipe series adds a touch of class to any smoke circle. Designed with culturally significant color combos (Rasta, Ladies Choice and Patriot) that pop off the base tube color and...


Take a hit with Rick! Wubba lubba dub dub! The Rick glass pipe is going to help you get schwifty…Ohh yea, you gotta get schwifty! Rick is fabricated with a coil pot sculptured head (uh,huhuh,...


Celebrate Special Occasions In Style! From Chameleon - The Wedding Glass Spoon Pipe is an excellent addition to any kind wedding ceremony. Pre-ceremony tokes and reception elevation are both at hand with a nice strain packed...

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