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If you're serious about vaping or consuming dry herb products, you'll need a grinder. And, using scissors, or even your hands can lead to a loss of materials found within your dried herbs. The good stuff, you won't want to waste.

At the end of the day you don't want to tarnish your product, and this is why you'll need a grinder. 

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Different Types of Dried Product Grinders

The traditional Two Part Dried Product Grinder is certain to get the job done, and it keeps all your materials and their active properties together.

The Three-Part Grinder- For some of those who want the best of the best a three, or even Four-Part Grinder is what you need. These usually come with an extra storage compartment and a sieve that can separate some dried products from active ingredients, lying on the surface or within the dried product. This will allow you to revisit your collection part to get an extra potent vaping experience.

Our Best Selling Grinder

The Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinders / Sifters is the best-selling grinder. The Aerospaced 4-Piece grinder is one of the most innovative approaches in grinder cutting. Rather than using the old school teeth we expect to see in grinders these days, it has a very smooth groove in the lid and a set of sharp cutting edges on the holes in the lower section.

As you turn the grinder it will slice your dried products incredibly finely without crushing them all together. The end result is the pure consistency for the dried product vaporizers. The Aerospaced 4-Piece grinder is also made from high-quality aluminum which is incredibly tough. This is the perfect grinder to get your dried products ready for a sesh.