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Olglesby and Butler Ltd. started producing better products back in 1984. They hired smarter employees and with smarter technology they became a world leader in the butane powered tools field.  In 2008 they started in the vaporizer market.  They started with a portable vaporizer named the IOLITE.  The manufacturing plant is located in Carlow, Ireland.  Therefore, you will see that their products are marked ¨Made in Ireland¨.  With the technology and capabilities always on top they strive to deliver the best portable vaporizers possible.

Quality is the number one priority for the makers of the Iolite vape.  They have been NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) Certified registered company since 1994.  They use the highest grade plastic and butane systems to promise the smoothest experience over and over.  So every time that you buy an Iolite vape you can be assured that they will never stop trying to make the best portable vape in the world.  When you buy a Iolite vaporizer it will come with a two year warranty.  This is longer than other portable vapes.  Your vape will be replaced if it is defective. 

The Iolite original remains a classic and the best seller portable vaporizer.  It´s focus is that it is very user friendly.  It will fit very snug to your hand and you will definitely appreciate the rich vapor in a matter of seconds.  Some people worry about the butane powered thinking that the butane will affect the flavor of the vapor.  This vape is equipped with a catalytic converter that will convert the fuel into heat energy, therefore, there will be no taste of butane at all.  You can also add a cooling device called the Zeus Iceborn, which increases the vapor quality by cooling it down some for smooth cool draws.  This amazing vape comes in several different colors;   the original black, blue, orange, yellow, lime green, pink, purple, white, turquoise, and we also include a special edition one in tie-dye. 

A very good feature of these vapes is portability.  Since there is no battery, you have make sure that the unit is full of butane.  Once it´s full it will last you up to one hour and a half.  When you refill you have to wait a few minutes before you ignite the vape.  You must remember that first you start the flow of gas then wait a few seconds to push the igniter switch, sometimes you you have hit the switch a few times to get it going completely,  It includes a small carrying case that has pockets for accessories.  It is very convenient because it is small and flat and will fit easily anywhere.  It´s ideal for long trips as well. 

This vaporizer does not draw attention at all.  It looks great and small enough to compare to a nice small cell phone case.  There´s just a little odor, but as long as you use purified butane you will be ok.  There is only one small issue about this vape and that is that it will hiss quietly when it goes through a heating cycle.  .    

Here are the pros and cons of the Iolite Vaporizer:

Pros  :

  •  No battery or the no need to recharge makes it so easy for on the go use
  •  Vaporizer is compact with a stylish design
  •  User friendly with no special draw technique


  • Iolite vapes tend to be larger than most portable ones
  • Vaporizer can get hot during the vaping sessions
  • Vapor is somewhat less dense than other portables

The Iolite also makes the Wispr 2 vaporizer.  This vape comes complete with a first-class design and it´s easy to use.  It includes a single temperature control and it´s equipped with a larger chamber for a longer session.  It too is fueled by butane.  It´s lightweight, but at the same time it´s a powerful vape.  It also comes in a variety of colors including black, red, orange, green, blue, and brown.    

You can also buy separate parts for these vapes.  For the Iolite original, there is a vapor optimizer, spare mesh, or also a fine mesh, extension, the filling chamber, and a hand tool.  For the Wispr 2 vaporizer you can buy extra mesh, filling chamber, the hand tool, mouth piece tips and silicone.  Also you may purchase a wide variety of vaporizer accessories.  The accessories available are the following; a Freshstor CVault, several space cases, and a grinder card.

A lot of people seem to ask what the difference is or simply what are the benefits of using vaporizers to regular smoking.  Here are some of the factors that are the most important to the Iolite customers. 

  1. It is considered healthier due to there is no carcinogenic smoke, cooler temperatures, no carbon monoxide. And definitely no second hand smoke.
  2. People can break the habit of smoking, using vapes is a change in lifestyle. With the health benefits alone is a very good decision to quit regular smoking.
  3. The delivery you get from a vape is better efficiency from the herbs plus it´s a lot smoother experience.
  4. Vaping is very social in our society today. It creates no smoke, odors, and it doesn´t stain your teeth and it is very discreet.  Now you can enjoy your vape as a social smoke in some nightclubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants.
  5. Another factor is money. With the today´s cost of tobacco, papers, filters and lighters a vape is definitely more feasible and it will last much longer.

Iolite offers a limited warranty for your vaporizer.  The warranty period is for two years and it starts at the time of purchase.  Parts may be repaired and also vape will be replaced in the event that it is determined that it was defective by the manufacturer. 

When you buy the Iolite vaporizer you will have smokeless freedom, which means you can vape whenever and wherever you want.  It is the ideal vaporizer for someone that is a light or heavy user.  This vape is suitable for you.

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