KandyPens Vaporizers & Accessories USA

KandyPens are constantly renovating and updating their wildly popular line of vaporizers with newer and more interesting models.As a brand, they are always active in keeping up with the latest advances in technology, and each new release builds upon their previous device to give customers the ultimate vaping experience.

KandyPens is a name you can trust - they wouldn't be in the business this long or brought us so many fantastic vapes if this wasn't true. Pocket-sized and convenient, KandyPens are sure to give you a much-needed boost when you need it!

KandyPens - Galaxy Vaporizer Pen

The Galaxy Vaporizer Pen features a deep, wickless quartz crystal chamber and an elevated air flow system. The temperature controlled battery, dual-quartz rods and titanium coil make this vape one of the most popular concentrate pens on the market. Along with all the other standard features that make a great concentrate pen - the 510 thread connection, and 20-second auto-shutdown timer - this vape is one of our favourite KandyPens devices.

With a black glossy enamel in a sparkle finish, you're guaranteed a sleek and stylish vaping experience.

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