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Kandypens Vapes Inc. is based out of Santa Barbara, California, USA. They produce one of the highest quality and popular vaporizer pens and portable vaporizers out on the market today. They offer a life time warranty on the life of the batteries. Kandypens vaporizers has started a revolution in vape pens and portables. Some of the most popular Kandypen products are Icon Kit, Slim Kit, K-Vape, Elite Vape, the Galaxy Pen and the Gravity Pen.

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Meet the KandyPens Family


KandyPens - Gravity Vape Pen

The Gravity Vaporizer Pen features a deep, wick-less quartz crystal chamber and also a coil-less chamber with a ceramic dish. The elevated air flow system, dual quartz rods, and titanium coil makes this concentrate vape pen a unique experience, while also ensuring that it is among the most popular vape pens available.

Sleek, slender, simple and comfortable. KandyPens are expert pen vape manufacturer and with the Gravity being one of their flagship models, you can see the care and attention into what makes a good pen vape they place.

KandyPens - Galaxy Vaporizer Pen

The Galaxy Vaporizer Pen features a deep, wickless quartz crystal chamber and an elevated air flow system. The temperature controlled battery, dual-quartz rods and titanium coil make this concentrate pen very unique and desirable. With a black glossy enamel in a sparkle finish, you're guaranteed a sleek and stylish vaping experience.

It features all of the standard features that make a good vape great. The 510 thread connection. The 10-second auto-shutdown timer also provides a level of safety with your concentrates. 


Always There For You

KandyPens work day after day to actively renovate and update their line of vaporizers with newer and more interesting models. They've never once strayed from the idea of the ultimate portable model, but every time they announce a new model, it becomes more advanced and much faster.

KandyPens is a name you can trust. They wouldn't be in the business this long or brought us so many fantastic vapes if this wasn't true. Pocket-sized and convenient, KandyPens are sure to give you a much-needed boost as and when you need it!

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