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Kandypens Vapes Inc. is based out of Santa Barbara, California, USA.  They produce one of the highest quality and popular vaporizer pens and portable vaporizers out on the market today.  They offer a life time warranty on the life of the batteries.  Kandypens vaporizers has started a revolution in vape pens and portables. Whatever KandyPens product you're in the market for, Icon Kit, Slim Kit, K-Vape, Elite Vape. If it's offered by Kandypens, Inc. USA, it's right here.

The Icon Kit is a compact and discreet enail vaporizer.  Very popular amongst vape users all over the nation.  This vaporizer includes an Icon LED illuminated e-rig complete kit.  It includes three nails (ceramic, quartz, and titanium), along with 510 threaded and supports TC and wattage mode.  It has a magnetic carb cap and loading tool. It also comes with a micro USB charger.  This one comes in a variety of colors, including black, cyan/gray, red/black, gold, white, and gray/silver.  This vaporizer is out of this world and the vapor is always crisp and cool with top notch flavor.

The Miva is a ceramic micro digital portable vaporizer.  It has a high tech digital OLED display, a large ceramic chamber with a 350-430 degree temperature control with a smart memory that remembers the last temperature setting used.  The on and off safety features has five clicks with a five minute shut off.  It comes with Lithium polymer battery and with a USB charger.  You will be surprised with the amount of vapor that this vape produces. It is smaller than it looks and it’s very light.  It also comes in a variety of colors like black, white, red, and pink. The Miva is a beast not so much for group vaping but one of the best for your own personal vaporizer.

The K-Vape is a great vape pen.  It comes with a larger chamber made of stainless steel and a re-enforced mouthpiece.  It includes extra mouth pieces, screen and a cleaning brush.  It’s made of a black rubber durable finish to easily help with gripping the pen.  It has three temperature settings with a thirty second heat up time, no combustion, and a three minute automatic shutoff feature. It also includes the micro USB charger.  It’s available in three colors, black, black/gold, and white/gold.

The Mini vape pen works for wax and oil concentrates. It’s called the Mini only because of it’s length because it’s shorter than most vape pens.  It comes with a Lithium Ion battery and a ceramic disc slow burn technology with temperature controlled. It has a deep ceramic chamber for an elevated air flow, that is also leak proof and coil less.  A ten second automatic shutoff (safety feature) and a mini USB charger. It comes in a variety of bright colors.  Overall this vape pen performs great.

The Elite vape pen has been award the best in 2017.  It comes with all the major features as well as the ten second automatic shutoff safety feature.  It has a durable finish that feel very soft and smooth in your hand.  The vapor quality that you get from this vape pen is excellent. It has two top tier automizers that contribute to that smoothness of the vapor.  It has elevated air holes and an extra air hole on the side of the mouthpiece, four heat setting and great battery life.  It comes in very nice colors that include gold color in all of them.

The Ice Cream Man vape pen has become a favorite to some.  This vape pen comes with a satin rubber finish with a white trim that gives it a stylish look and it’s easy to hold.  It has a temperature controlled battery, titanium coils, leak proof, and includes a deep chamber and quartz crystal with dual rods.  It’s equipped with an upgraded mouthpiece and it too has a ten second automatic shutoff feature.  It comes in a variety of bright colors.  As an added bonus it includes a hard shell carrying case.

The Galaxy and other Galaxy limited edition vape pens like the Galaxy Summer, Galaxy Tornado, and Galaxy Signature are very popular too.  These vape pens have similar features as the other models that are manufactured by Kandypens vapes.  They come with a glossy enamel and sparkly finish for that nice touch.  It tends to be a little bit heavier than other vape pens, but overall it’s a very nice pen.  It comes in a variety of colors as well. 

The Gravity limited edition is another great vape pen.  The limited edition vape pens are exceptionally nice, but only a limited amount was made of each.  They include all the features as the other models but this one only comes in three colors, sandblasted black, satin rubber/black, and glossy black.

The Donuts vape pen is a nice piece too.  This vape pen has a glossy enamel finish that gives it a sleek look.  Some of the features are the temperature controlled battery, Sloburn technology and no combustion (which this feature gives it a better aroma and vapor flavor).  It has a deep ceramic chamber, it’s coil less and a ceramic disc technology.  It also includes the ten second automatic shutoff safety feature.  The Donuts come in a variety of right color.

The Waxxy vape pen works great and it’s easy to use.  This one has a luxurious glossy handmade finish, therefore it looks very nice.  It has a five click power on/off, and it includes the atomizer lock feature which is very exclusive to Kandypens Vaporizers.  It comes in blue, green, pinks and purples. 

The Executive vape pen works very good and is discreet.  It features a pyrex glass tank and a deep chamber with a ceramic dual rod atomizer.  This one comes in black/chrome and white/chrome only. 

The Slim Kit is also one of Kandypens Vape top notch vape pens.  It features a 510 thread battery and comes with a charger and applicator bottle.  For a better vape flow it is wickless. The Slim Kit comes in black and white and is ready to be shipped to you for vaping right away.

Kandypens vaporizers offers a variety of accessories coils, batteries, glass, mouthpieces, grinders and even apparel.  They strive to give the best customer support to all their clients and therefore, by far they are highly recommended.

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