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Magic Flight Box Vaporizers


Unfortunately, this product is discontinued! We do still offer some of the Magic flight launch box accessories. Other compact, stealthy portable vaporizers can be found here. Magic Flight Vaporizer The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer has quickly become the...

$5.06 $5.95

Magic Flight ABV Container From Magic Flight vaporizers, a plastic screw top container to hold your Already Been Vaped materials Included: 1 x Magic Flight ABV Container

15% OFF
$8.49 $9.99

Magic-Flight Launch Box Battery Caps The Magic Flight Launch Box Battery Caps are designed to prevent unwanted charges while you carry an extra battery. Simply place caps over the positive end of the battery to...

15% OFF
$4.21 $4.95

Magic Flight Launch Box Velvet Bag This is the Official Velvet Bag for the Magic Flight Launch Box. This bag is design with the finest velvet and is also designed for you to be able...

15% OFF
$16.96 $19.95

Magic Flight Wooden Dart Stem Designed and handcrafted by Magic Flight's in-house wood artisans, the Magic-Flight Dart is an elegant natural extension of your Launch Box. The flat mouthpiece provides for the utmost in comfort...

15% OFF
$12.71 $14.95

Magic Flight Launch Box Medium 3" Straight Stem This custom straight stem draw tube is 3" long and constructed from a variety of exotic woods specifically for the Magic Flight Launch Box. The stems provide...

15% OFF
$1.66 $1.95

Magic Flight Cleaning Brush Magic Flight Launch Box Cleaning Brush replacement for cleaning your vaporizer screen.

15% OFF
$15.30 $18.00

Magic-Flight Concentrate Tray With the addition of the Magic-Flight Aromatic Concentrate Tray, flexibility with the Launch Box is rising to new heights. The Tray will enable Launch Box owners to vaporize aromatic concentrates and extracts...

15% OFF
$13.56 $15.95

Magic Flight Launch Box Battery Wall Charger The Magic-Flight NiMH Charger holds two AA NiMH batteries and is compatible with both 110 and 220 volts for domestic and international usage. This charger is made to...

15% OFF
$2.51 $2.95

Magic Flight Launch Box Medium 3" Straight Stem This 3" glass straight stem is made specifically for the Magic Flight Launch Box. The stem extends the distance from the heating element to your mouth reducing...

15% OFF
$6.76 $7.95

Magic-Flight Launch Box Draw Whip This draw whip (Official Magic-Flight Launch Box product) is made of silicone and comes complete with two acrylic tips. NamasteVapes offers whip tubing in three different lengths. Vaporizing through a...

15% OFF
$28.01 $32.95

Magic Flight UFO Filter Set (Unnamed Filtration Object) The Magic Flight UFO is a portable water filtration device for use on the go. It is compatible with all Magic Flight vaporizers including the Launch Box and...

15% OFF
$24.61 $28.95

Magic Flight Bottle Rocket The Bottle Rocket from Magic Flight is designed to turn any bottle into a water tool. Made from Walnut or Cherry, silicone and acrylic, the Bottle Rocket resembles a cork or...

15% OFF
$12.71 $14.95

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Replacement Screens The Magic Flight Muad-Dib Replacement Screen pack contains three stainless steelscreens. These screens simple clip onto the rails of your Muad-Dib Concentrate Box making it easy for you to replace...

15% OFF
$50.96 $59.95

Magic Flight Delta Box Handcrafted in California, the Delta Box is a sleek and solid, discreet triangular box for your dried products that fits right in your hand and magnets to keep it shut tight....

15% OFF

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Magic Flight Box Vaporizers USA

The Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer is portable, small, fast and very easy to use. You attach the charged battery and it’s ready to go and with the instant heating process it will give you immediate vapor.

Its very easy to load and reload without much waiting time. You will be vaporizing in less than five seconds. The Magic Flight Launch Box portable vape has no cords or plugs therefore, it can be used in windy conditions. It's very durable, dependable, and very safe as well.

There is only one part that is delicate which is the internal screen because it’s very thin. The unique style of this vape consists of handcrafted renewable wood.

Magic Flight - Superb and Stylish

They all include everything you need to commence vaping right away out of the box. It comes with rechargeable batteries, as well as the battery charger. It has a glass draw stem. It also includes a cleaning brush along with a user´s guide, and a felt-lined tin that it comes in. Now for all the International customers they receive an adapter for use in their own country.

The Wood Line box kit are made of different wood like cherry wood, walnut, and maple. These vaporizer kits are very nice and stylish. The Laser Etch Line box come with an etched design that makes them very unique.

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