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Magic Flight

Magic Flight Launch Box is a vaporizer manufacturer that is based out of San Diego, CA, USA.  They hand build their vaporizers through an 87 step process to produce this green product vaporizer from natural and renewable materials.  There is nothing hazardous about the product.  They started making all the vapes from birch wood and now they use different wood like, maple and cherry.  Using wood prevents the vapes from bacteria, fungi, and mold.  The name represents to share something beautiful and that will benefit each and every one of you and it will feel like magic when using these vapes.  Magic Flight Launch Box has a very unique logo, it represents the company’s initials and at the same time it looks like vapor coming from the vape itself.  They see their vaporizers as a symbol of love and therefore, the feel makes so many people breathe easier every day.

The Launch Box vaporizer is portable, small, fast and very easy to use.  You attach the charged battery and it’s ready to go and with the instant heating process it will give you immediate vapor.  It´s very easy to load and reload without much waiting time.  You will be vaporizing in less than five seconds.  This portable vape has no cords or plugs therefore, it can be used in windy conditions.  It´s very durable, dependable, and very safe as well.  There is only one part that is delicate which is the internal screen because it’s very thin. The unique style of this vape consists of handcrafted renewable wood.  It´s compact and will fit in the palm of your hand.  With the purchase of a Launch Box vape, you will say bye to regular smoking due to it´s efficiency and all the other qualities for example, no smoke or smell and definitely healthier.  Also, the use of herbal material will save you some money and it last like four times longer. 

They offer two types of vaporizer kits:

Dry Herb Launch Box kits:  Wood Line, Laser Etch Line, and Limited Edition,

They all include everything you need to commence vaping right away out of the box.  It comes with rechargeable batteries, as well as the battery charger.  It has a glass draw stem.  It also includes a cleaning brush along with a user´s guide, and a felt lined tin that it comes in.  Now for all the International customers they receive an adapter for use in their own country.   

The Wood Line box kit are made of different wood like cherry wood, walnut, and maple.  These vaporizer kits are very nice and stylish.   The Laser Etch Line box come with an etched design that makes them very unique.  Some of the designs are a pineapple, flower of life, tree of life, labyrinth, star knot, Metatron cube, celtic tree of life and an infinity wing design.  Limited Edition line box was created by Matt Manson a freelance artist from the UK,l that by the way if far off very talented.  He used a geometric form to give these a geeky and scientific look.  He used the molecule design and as well as lots of hexagons in a lot of his patterns.

On the dry herb vaporizers, it is very important to grind the dry herb material.  The finer the better so that it is not pressured through the mesh filter of the screen.  Try to avoid stems and seeds. 

Muad-Dib Concentrate Box kits:   Noir and Walnut

These vapes come equipped with two rechargeable batteries that include protective caps and includes the battery charger.  These have a 1.5 ft black draw whip, loading spoon and one replacement stem.  These vaporizers are exclusively for concentrates only, no dry herb material.  They also come in a felt-lined decorative tin for a nice touch. 

The Noir vaporizer has been carefully made for the use of legal hemp-based extracts and oil concentrates. The use of other E-liquids like the ones used in e-cigarettes is strongly discouraged due to it can cause serious health concerns.  Because they contain additives that are ok for the use in e-pens but can be harmful when magnified by the use of the Muad-Dib type box kit.

The Walnut vaporizer comes with everything as the Noir, it has just been designed in the Walnut wood design. 

There is very little maintenance and cleaning your vaporizer box.  Just some brushing will do, turn the box over to remove what’s left from the load and make sure the screen is cool and brush it gently and blow through the inhaling hole.  Do these steps after each load.  If you happen to use a little soap just don’t get it in the heating chamber and the area where you put your mouth.

At Magic Flight Launch Box, they also offer a variety of other products to go along with your vaporizer box.  Some of the items are; bundles, power supplies, flight essentials, water filtration, and other accessories for example stickers, tote bags, and some dry herbal blend packages.

Magic Flight Launch Box,USA offers a lifetime functional warranty to all the purchasers.  It of course does not cover lost, stolen, defaced, or vapes that have been willfully damaged. Each vaporizer box includes a serial number, the number should not be tampered with in order for it to be replaced if needed.  The accessories included in your box kit are only covered for the first three months of purchase.  Once you make a warranty claim and it’s approved, they will send you instructions on how to send the damaged box back to them.  The claim will be voided if the old box is not returned and you will not receive a replacement one.  

“Love is that which enables choice.  Love is always stronger than fear.  Always choose on the basis of Love” is a quote used by Magic Flight Launch Box that describes the operations of their company.  The author of this quote uses it as the best way to communicate to a huge audience, which is what MFLB is doing.


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