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Mary Loves Glass | NamasteVapes

Hi guys, Mary Loves Glass here! I make YouTube videos every day as it's been a real passion of mine for a few years now to educate people on the benefits of dry herb and concentates use.. Expect plenty of entertaining videos, vlogs, product reviews all on my channel! Every now and then if I find a company that is doing something great and has a product which I really enjoy or believe in, then I'm more than happy to recommend them. 

NamasteVapes USA

For me, Namaste Vaporizers is my first and only stop for vaporizers! NamasteVapes provide genuine vapes, have great reviews and fantastic trust pilot scores - a winning combination which makes them my choice for 2016.

Plus they've also supplied me with special discounts which I'd love to share with you guys out there, so use my coupon marylovesglass5 on all Pax, Firefly, Haze, Alfa and Storz & Bickel products to receive 5% off! Also use marylovesglass on every other vape and all accessories for 15% off. Sorry about the 5%, seemingly they don't usually give any discounts as they sell so cheap! Check out my favourite vapes below and enjoy! Don't forget come watch my latest videos uploaded to Youtube every day or two!