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Mechanical Mods

NamasteVapes - Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods are becoming more and more common these days, especially amongst those Vape enthusiasts who enjoy pushing their devices to the limit. Mechanical Mods are essentially the simplistic device without the pre-installed battery or any and all circuitry.  Mechanical Mods usually come without any circuit boards or wiring, so this leaves you incapable of setting preferred wattage or voltage. Mechanical Mods in comparison however, operates when you initiate the fire button, you make a direct and unregulated connection from your atomizer which results in producing a hit that regulated mods are just simply not capable of producing.

Due to the power they produce and are capable of, we would reccomend that Mechanical Mods are used in combination with a Rebuildable Atomizer(s). When it comes to Modded Vapes in general, it is essential that users have at least a brief understanding of the dynamics involved. It is very important for users to understand battery safety, Ohm’s law (in relation to Vapes) and a general know-how of the basic workings of e-cigarettes.