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Koozies with a bottle opener
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New England Hemp Farm Koozies with a bottle opener - A Quick Intro There’s nothing worse than going to grab your beverage and you find out it has warmed up. With the koozie from Hill City Hemp Farm, your drink...


The New England Hemp Farm was founded by two close friends. Together they have over 30 years of experience in cultivation, allowing them to cultivate the finest quality hemp on the market.

What spurred them on to found the New England Hemp Farm (NEHF) was their own medical needs. Having come across various CBD products, they knew it could help them with their own conditions. They had concerns about the quality of these products currently on the market, though. They took matters into their own hands, founding NEHF, and becoming one of the best quality CBD brands.

Ever since they’ve made it their life goal to be the best of the best. Providing the highest quality products on the market that anybody can trust! 

What Does The New England Hemp Farm Offer?

The NEHF offers some of the finest CBD and hemp products available on the market today. With a whole array of different products, ranging from skin and haircare to drops and edibles, they have something for everyone. NEHF has also created a special line of CBD products specifically for pets, consisting of various treats and oil drops. 

Differences In New England Hemp Farm products

Oil Tinctures

The NEHF oil tinctures provide a pure and simple way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. They’re all created using the highest grade full spectrum CBD to be consumed using the tincture for a precise dose time and time again. 


The NEHF collection includes multiple beauty and topical products for skincare. These include moisturizers, massage oils, and even a body toning lotion. Each of these products have been tested and guaranteed to help relieve symptoms of various conditions.


The NEHF collection also includes products for hair care. They have expertly created the finest shampoo and conditioners incorporated with cannabidiol (CBD). Each of these products is rich in vitamins and minerals that boost hair health. 


The NEHF CBD range for pets includes two variations of CBD oil drops, one being 250mg and the other 500mg. They have also created pet treats for dogs, as an alternative way to get your pet consuming CBD. 

Most Loved 

NEHF Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

NEHF CBD gummies provide a simple and tasty way to consume cannabidiol. They come in different strengths ensuring that you’re getting the perfect dose for you! 

CBD Full Spectrum Drops - Natural 

The CBD oil drops provide the most traditional way of consuming NEHF CBD. The drops are available in two different flavors: Natural and Peppermint. In a wide variety of various strengths too, so you’ll be sure to find the one best suited to you. 

CBD Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter

It’s no surprise that the Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter has become one of the most loved NEHF products. It expertly moisturizes skin while maintaining a smooth, non-greasy texture. Of course, it also contains CBD which when applied in this topical way has multiple anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin.