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Pax Labs, Inc. USA strives to provide the ultimate vaporization experience to their consumers.  Pax Labs, Inc. is based out of San Francisco, CA, USA.  This vaporizer company was founded by two guys that are graduates from a Stanford Design Program Masters. Their mission is to make regular smoking obsolete to provide a cleaner and healthier modern alternative.  They are a new kind of company that with their current products they expect to captivate the future of smoking in this modern society.  There are over one billion people in the world that smoke and most of them are looking for a better solution.  Pax Labs is offering all these customers better solutions with their two market leading products.  

They have two innovative premium vaporizers the PAX and the JUUL. 

The Pax vaporizer pen is lightweight, very slim and pocket sized.  With this vape you can personalize your settings for a consistent great vapor flavor time after time and it’s very easy to use.  It has a special feature which is an LED lighting that you can change by just flickering your wrist and it can also be programmed by your phone, with Bluetooth on the Pax Vapor App.  It is offered in the following colors, silver, black, gold, and rose gold.  This vape is very fashionable.  This vape pen comes with a one year limited warranty.

Pax 1 vaporizer is the original for dry herb material and it’s portable enough to carry in your pocket, it is lighter than a smartphone.  It’s durable and because of it’s finish it distributes the heat quite well that it’s comfortable while holding it.  It has three levels of heating and it comes with the instructions on how to adjust the setting.  Very user friendly, therefore lots of people love this vaporizer.  This original vape comes with a ten year warranty. 

Pax 2 vaporizer is a portable one that is small, light, thin, but at the same time it’s durable.  One new feature is the flat mouthpiece design which gives you that discretion around people.  This Pax 2 vape is equipped with a deep oven for better heating and it has four heat setting in lieu of three on the original.  You definitely have more control with the vape sessions, due to it’s durability it is one of the best for outdoor activities like biking, hiking, skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding.  Also, it does not involve a lot of cleaning and maintenance.  This Pax vape comes with a ten year warranty. 

Pax 3 Vape is a portable dry herb and concentrate vaporizer, which is called a dual-use vape. Considered one of the best vaporizers out on the market today.  Within fifteen seconds this pax vaporizer will have you enjoying a strong and pure vapor flavor.  It’s very reliable with it’s built in rechargeable battery.  With the dual-use action you can go from loose leaf to concentrate in a matter of second.  You will be able to enjoy the best vapor flavor with either material you prefer.  It too is compatible with Bluetooth for the Pax Vapor App.  The Pax 3 is offered in four colors silver, black, gold, and rose gold. It also comes with a ten year warranty for some added peace of mind.

The Juul is an e-cigarette/pod vape that is part of the Pax Labs, Inc..  It is simple to use and it resembles a cigarette because of it’s size and weight.  It is equipped with four different flavor pods.  No buttons to press or anything to begin vaping, you just inhale and it will produce the vapor.  It comes with a USB mini charger and it takes about an hour to fully recharge it.  The Juul has been considered the best vape on the market for beginners.  This Pax vape comes with a one year warranty. 

Pax Labs, Inc. offers a wide variety of accessories for your vaporizers.  They have complete accessory kits for the Pax 2 and 3.  You can also purchase a multi-tool, this is for packing and removing the material from the Pax oven.  They also have the USB mini chargers available, a half pack oven lids and oven screens, the flat mouth pieces in a variety of colors, adapters, and a cleaning kit. 

You can have total control of your experience with your Pax by downloading the Pax Vapor App.  Everything is about technology these days, so Pax makes it easy with their app for your electronic devices.  It is available for the Pax 3 and the Pax Era.  Here are the features that you can have control of with the app:  The temperature, for controlling the flavor and vapor amount.  Customization, you can name the vape, select a color and control the vibrations.  Security, that is to lock your Pax.  Firmware, that is to get all the updates to make sure that your device is current.

The Pax 1, 2, and 3 comes with the ten year limited warranty while the Pax Era and the Juul have a one year limited warranty.  It will cover defects in material under normal use only for the time covered.  If you have a valid claim within the time period Pax Labs will either repair the defect or exchange it for a new one.  Since it is a limited warranty there are certain things not covered by it, for example, damage caused by accident, misuse, flood, or fire.  Damage caused by regular wear and tear is not covered either. 

Pax Labs, Inc. USA has been called the “Apple of vaping” and the “Iphone of vaporizers”.  They even package all the pax vapes in white boxes similar to Apple devices.  These pax vaporizer are very popular amongst a lot of the modern generation people because of two important things that are portability and discretion.  Some consumers say that owning one of these Pax vapes is like smoking in the future because of the superior technology and sleek design. This company has sold more than pne million devices.  Pax Labs vaporizers are highly recommended by many Pax fans already.   

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