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PAX Accessories


Half Pack Oven Lid Pax 2 The Pax Half Pack Oven Lid is equipped with a deeper oven lid for you to use on your Pax 2 or Pax 3 Vaporizer. Well built and effective in its job, if you've ever...

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$9.89 $10.99

PAX 2 & Pax 3 Replacement Screens A 3 pack of replacement screens for your PAX 2 Vaporizer and PAX 3 Vaporizer Included: 3 x Ploom PAX Vaporizer Screens

10% OFF
$9.99 $9.99

PAX 2 Multi Tool The PAX 2 Multi Tool is the perfect tool for you to use when packing and removing material from your PAX 2 oven. Included: 1 x PAX 2 Multi Tool

$14.99 $14.99

Cleaning Kit for PAX 2 and PAX 3 Vaporizer. Package includes 3 x replacement screens 10 x soft cleaners 1 x wire brush

$12.49 $12.49

OFFICIAL PAX REPLACEMENT SCREENS 3 OEM PAX screen replacements for Pax 1 Vaporizer. A fresh screen means fresh tasting vapor. The unique solid plate design features a screen-like pattern, but without holes found in typical...

$12.99 $12.99

PAX 2 & PAX 3 Vaporizer Replacement / Extra PAX Oven Lid A replacement oven lid piece for your PAX 2 vaporizer and PAX 3 Vaporizer. This is definitely a well-needed accessory for your PAX Vaporizer.   ...

$14.95 $14.95

PAX 2 & PAX 3 Replacement Flat Mouthpieces (2 Pack) This is the Official Replacement Flat Mouthpiece for the PAX 2 & PAX 3.  Included: 2 x Replacement Flat Mouthpieces

29% Off
$12.99 $12.99

Replacement Mouthpiece for PAX 2 & PAX 3 Vaporizer Package includes 2 pack of raised mouthpieces 

$29.95 $29.95

PAX 2 & 3 Vaporizer USB Charger Kit A complete charging kit for the PAX 2 vaporizer. Also compatible with the PAX 3! Included: 1 x PAX 2 Charging Cradle 1 x USB cord Note: For...

$9.99 $9.99

PAX Concentrate Insert Replacement Lid & O-Rings. These parts are essential for your PAX 3 to run smoothly and will guarantee an airtight seal. These are official Pax lab products, meaning what you get here...

$47.99 $47.99

Pax 3 Concentrate insert This concentrate insert is to be used with any pax 3 devices for concentrate or waxes. It is a simple to use accessory as you take off the lid and place...

4% Off
$16.99 $16.99

PAX 2/3 Multi-Color Flat Mouthpiece - 3 Pack This is the Official Multi-Color Flat mouthpiece from PAX. You can add some color to your PAX and spice it up. 

$35.99 $35.99

Car Charger 12V power charger with car charging plug and cord. For Pax 1 only (not compatible with Pax 2 or Pax 3) Included: Weighted Charging Dock Charging Cord



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