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Glass Pipes


The Journey 2 Pipe  -  Compact and Clever The Journey 2 Pipe is a 3 part all metal pipe using screenless technology that produce perfect puffs each time you spark. The magnetic locking lid secures...


GRAV Labs UHPF 5" Sitter Sherlock The Sitter Sherlock is a Fine Piece of Glass. Stately and functional GRAV Labs Sitter Sherlock turns any session into a classy one. This 5" beauty comes in 14...


GRAV Labs UHPF 6" Poker Sherlock Classic Style This Glass Poker Sherlock is Hot! This smart glass pipe will indeed remind you of Sherlock Holmes. Fire up with classic styling. This glass pipe has a...


GRAV Labs UHPF 6" Tankard Sherlock Even thought it's basic, this GRAV Tankard Sherlock is still loved by all! Classic style is King in GRAV Labs Tankard Sherlock. Ease of use and aesthetic appeal keep the...


GRAV Labs UHPF 4" Beaker Spoon A custom designed GRAV Beaker hand pipe that's both artsy and fun!  4" GRAV® Beaker Hand Pipe is a long on beauty, style, and functionality.  Classic beaker style turned...


GRAV Labs UHPF 4" Big Bell Chillum If you're looking for a small piece with an ergonomic design and a novel smoking experience this is for you. Order yours today! Features: Self Standing Design Wide...


GRAV Labs UHPF 4" Sherlock The GRAV® Sherlock Hand Pipe hits right each time. Just  4" long and made on 25mm tubing. An inverted mouthpiece catches ash. This baby is discreet and portable. Choose from...


GRAV Labs UHPF 5" Rocker Steamroller Go Ahead and Rock the Smoke With GRAV Labs 5" Rocker Steamroller Fun, compact and functional. The Rocker Steamroller Pipe smokes right. Pack it and enjoy full flavor sessions...


GRAV Labs UHPF 4.5" Bauble Spoon A custom designed Grav Bauble Spoon made to please your customers. 4.5" GRAV® Bauble Spoon made on 25mm tubing and an inverted ash catcher mouthpiece. Order yours today! Length...


GRAV Labs UHPF 4.5" Hammer Hand Pipe A beautifully crafted Grav Hammer hand pipe that looks great in your display case.  This is how it's gonna be, see? You get a no-nonsense pipe for a...


GRAV Labs UHPF 3" Pebble Spoon This custom designed Grav Pebble spoon is meant to replicate the stone skipping days of our youth. Down at the lake, river stones in hand, pants rolled up to your...


GRAV Lume Water Pipe 6.5" GRAV® Orbis Lume Rig made on 50mm tubing with bell-shaped water chamber, fixed shower head dowstem, flame-polished joint, ball-and-socket mouthpiece, and 14mm quartz banger. Order yours today! Features: Use With...


3.25" Grav Labs Spoon w/ Doughnut Mouthpiece This is the Official  3.25" Grav Labs Spoon w/ Doughnut Mouthpiece by GravLabs. These spoons are made out of high quality borosilicate glass. 3.25" Grav Labs Spoon w/...


Glass Blunt from Grav Labs  Glass Blunts have become one of the must have items of the year and this Grav Labs Glass Blunt is one of our absolute favorites. The Grav Labs Glass Blunt...

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GRAV Labs Deco Steamroller We put a vintage twist on our traditional steamroller to create the GRAV® Deco Steamroller. The distinctive aesthetic is achieved by connecting two tapered ends to a central sphere, creating a...

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Pipes are amongst one of the easiest and most compact ways to enjoy your dry herb. They're easily packed and even more easily cleaned.

Pipes can be a lot of fun to use and if you enjoy simplicity then they could be the perfect choice for you. Here at Namaste Vapes, we have the best pipes on the market. Our range will allow you to choose from the most innovative pipes brand out there and also some cool, handy and colorful glass pipes you can take on the go. They're the old reliable and they might just save the day when there's nowhere to charge that expensive vaporizer...

Pipes have four parts, the bowl, mouthpiece, stem/chamber, and the carb (a small hole). To use a pipe you first have to fill your bowl with your favorite dry herb, broken down to your consistency of choice, preferably by a grinder as the finer the grind, the more robust your smoke will be.

Once you have filled or 'packed' your bowl, you're ready to go. Now, hold your pipe in one hand and place a finger or thumb on the carb. Next, bring to your lips and inhale as your light your material, and repeat these steps.

Our Best Selling Pipes

Our number one seller on the site is The Genius Pipe, it's a one of a kind product with a unique and minimalistic design channelling all things 'Zen'. One of the best things about this device is it's cooling ability which comes from innovative dimple technology. This allows the smoke to travel through hundreds and thousands of small idents filtering and cooling it, for the tastiest hits possible.

If you're looking a pipe that not only looks good, but gets the job done, then look no further than The Marley Natural smoked glass pipe with gold stripe decal. This piece of equipment is from the official smoking brand of Bob Marley, so you know it's good. Manufactured in the USA it has a chunky, durable design created from high-quality borosilicate glass, and it's a must have addition to any glass collection.

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