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Only 3.93' inch long these wooden pipes are perfect for on the go and are easy to slip in to any pocket or purse. The beauty is that they are randomly selected, so you will only...


Description This metal cigarette pipe is perfect for those who do not have time or do not like rolling their own cigarettes. This is a perfect solution for people who are always on the go...


Description  With the fixed downstem the bubbler is able to filter smoke through a small amount of water. It functions as a perc by distilling the smoke with its slits or holes.  The Maria rings...


Marley Natural - Smoked Steamroller This Smoked Glass Steamroller from official Bob Marley brand, Marley Natural, is a brilliant pipe for taking out with you on those impromptu smoking sessions. Materials The slimline glass body...

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Marley Natural Taster When you just want one quick hit to keep you going and rolling isn't an option, the Marley Natural Taster is the ideal solution. Simply pack your favorite herbs into the pinched end...

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Grav Labs Mini Spoon w/ Doughnut Mouthpiece This mini spoon is equipped with a doughnut mouthpiece which makes it especially easy to watch any ash or un wanted particles before ingestion. It also allows for...


3.5" Grav Arcline Chillum  The GRAV® Arcline Chillum is inspired by the elegant columns of Tuscany, Italy. This vertical pipe can stand upright on its own. Nice sized bowl and no accessories or water are...


Prometheus Pocket from Pyptek The Prometheus Pocket from Pyptek is an elegant portable smoking pipe which can make you joyful with its stupendous hits. This pipe is incredibly strong and durable. The cleaning of this...


Large Steamroller | Marley Natural Marley Natural has taken yet another design classic and given it a stylish twist with their large steamroller. These pipes are made for those smokers who love to be able...

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4" Basic Bubbler - 32mm Glass This is the Official 4" Basic Bubbler by Grav Labs. The Bubbler is made out of Borosilicate Glass. The Bubbler stands at 4" tall.   4" Basic Bubbler -...

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Pipes are amongst one of the easiest and most compact ways to enjoy your dry herb. They're easily packed and even more easily cleaned.

Pipes can be a lot of fun to use and if you enjoy simplicity then they could be the perfect choice for you. Here at Namaste Vapes, we have the best pipes on the market. Our range will allow you to choose from the most innovative pipes brand out there and also some cool, handy and colorful glass pipes you can take on the go. They're the old reliable and they might just save the day when there's nowhere to charge that expensive vaporizer...

Pipes have four parts, the bowl, mouthpiece, stem/chamber, and the carb (a small hole). To use a pipe you first have to fill your bowl with your favorite dry herb, broken down to your consistency of choice, preferably by a grinder as the finer the grind, the more robust your smoke will be.

Once you have filled or 'packed' your bowl, you're ready to go. Now, hold your pipe in one hand and place a finger or thumb on the carb. Next, bring to your lips and inhale as your light your material, and repeat these steps.

Our Best Selling Pipes

Our number one seller on the site is The Genius Pipe, it's a one of a kind product with a unique and minimalistic design channelling all things 'Zen'. One of the best things about this device is it's cooling ability which comes from innovative dimple technology. This allows the smoke to travel through hundreds and thousands of small idents filtering and cooling it, for the tastiest hits possible.

If you're looking a pipe that not only looks good, but gets the job done, then look no further than The Marley Natural smoked glass pipe with gold stripe decal. This piece of equipment is from the official smoking brand of Bob Marley, so you know it's good. Manufactured in the USA it has a chunky, durable design created from high-quality borosilicate glass, and it's a must have addition to any glass collection.

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