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Portable Vaporizers

The best portable vaporizers have just as much functionality as the traditional desktop vapes but are designed to be discreet and subtle and to be easily carried around and slip inside your pocket. Portable vaporizers come in many shapes and forms like Pax 3, Firefly 2Mighty Vaporizer   - they can be battery or butane operated. Battery vapes are by far the most popular and widely used today for obvious reasons but that is not to say that butane portable vaporizers don't have their advantages. They don't run out of battery for one and therefore there's no need for charging cables - handy if you're in the middle of nowhere or away for a camping weekend!

When choosing a vape on our Vaporizer online store in the USA there are several things worth checking.


1. Portable Vape Materials

This is a basic issue that anyone new to vaporizers should consider before making a purchase. Does the vaporizer you’re about to buy work with your material of choice? Dry herbs and concentrates are the most common styles you’ll find while browsing portable vaporizers. Be sure to read the descriptions and make sure you know what you’re buying.


2. Quality of Vapor

Portable vapes offer incredible quality for the price. Check the bottom of this page for a list of our recommended brands. These brands make vaporizers that do the right things right. Want an app with your portable vape? That can be done. Attachments and accessories? Done. As with any purchase who you buy from is as important as the brand you choose. With Namaste Vapes USA you’ll know that we work directly with name brands that offer full warranties and offer terrific post purchase support.


3. Portable Vape Affordability

Handheld vapes are offered at a wide variety of price points. The good news is you can find the right level of quality for almost any budget. You can get high-quality portable units for under $200 or you can get near tabletop quality for closer to $400 range (for the enthusiasts). Namaste Vapes USA offers a full catalog of portable vaporizers, handheld herb vapes, desktop pieces, and vape accessories.


Making a decision

Of the three points listed above what is most important to you in a vape? Answer that question before deciding. Once you have determined your vape material of choice, your budget, whether you prefer convection or conduction (or both), and handheld vs desktop, you will still be faced with a large selection of brands! Don't forget handheld pen vapes too! To help Namaste Vapes USA customers decide we’ve listed many of the top brands we carry below. This list was determined through our own experience as a retailer and from customer feedback we’ve gathered over the last 3 years.


To help here are some Top Portable Vape Brands…

  • Grizzly Originals
  • Storz & Bickel
  • Vapium
  • Boundless
  • Haze
  • Flowermate
  • Arizer

Contact if you have any questions about these lightweight and convenient vaporizers from the top manufacturers that make vaporizers today! You can also use the Chat window to talk to a Namaste Expert and find out the information you need today!

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