Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers have created massive waves within the vaping community, completely revolutionizing the way people enjoy a session. While previously, people were bound to either stay inside with bongs or spend extra money on papers, now you can have a session on the go with minimal effort!

We have some of the top portable vaporizers in the world as well as all of the accessories to go with them. Portable vapes are the future, and they are developing and growing at a massive rate. Every day there's another new innovation changing the way we think about vaping!

Best of Portable Vaporizers :

Know what you want in a portable vaporizer

Battery or Butane?

Battery or Butane?

Battery-wise, you have a few different options to choose from. Butane is the best option for you if you prefer individual hits to serious sessions, and with a bit of technique required, it can be slightly harder to share with a group. You will also have to replace the butane on occasion, but don't let this dissuade you!

If you are someone who wants to unwind with a few hits, not a whole bowl, then this is the choice to go for. Battery-based is easier if you are someone who likes being outdoors or with friends. A simple charging port, getting a battery powered vaporizer ready to go is as easy as charging your phone in the morning!

Putting Pens over Papers

Pen vaporizers are the way to go if you prefer using waxes or essential oils, they tend to lean towards concentrates rather than dried product. If you are someone who has used an e-cig or similar before, you'll understand how they work! Simply drop your substance within and watch as they turn into smooth vapor.

They work by using a heating coil powered by either a rechargeable or replaceable battery. Pen vaporizers are very handy if you are looking for a discreet portable vaporizer, as they have the same appearance as e-cigs.

PuffCo Pen Vaporizer
Quality of Vapor - Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Quality of Vapor

Portable vapes offer incredible quality for the price. Check the bottom of this page for a list of our recommended brands. These brands make vaporizers that do the right things right. Want an app with your portable vape? That can be done. Attachments and accessories? Done.

As with any purchase who you buy from is as important as the brand you choose. With NamasteVapes.com Powered By Lifted you’ll know that we work directly with brand names that offer full warranties and offer terrific post-purchase support.

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