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Puffco Vaporizers


The Puffco Peak Vaporizer The Puffco Peak is a breakthrough vaporizer that will help you unleash the real power of concentrates. It's Puffco's latest release and is set to revolutionize the way we dab. The...

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Puffco Plus Vaporizer / Puffco+ There is a new player on the field in the vaping game - specifically for vaping wax, oils and liquids. The Puffco Plus Vaporizer is both stylish and discrete while...


Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer Pen  Puffco have released their new Vape Pen for wax: the Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer Pen. This is the successor to the ultra-popular Vape Pen from Puffco, the original Pro Vape...


Puffco Plus Battery: Need a replacement battery for your Puffco plus vaporizer? Puffco Plus battery has been designed to optimize the taste of your vapor through temperature control. You can choose among three distinct heat...


Puffco Pro 2 Replacement Coil The Puffco Pro 2 portable concentrate vaporizer is an awesome little piece of kit for dabbing when you are too busy to stop and when the original coil starts to...


Puffco Plus Mouthpiece: Puffco plus original mouthpiece & splash guard has been designed to use exclusively with Puffco Plus. Created by the puffco team of in-house engineers & crafted from high-quality material. The mouthpiece sits...


Puffco Peak Glass Stand Features: - Rugged silicone exterior - Heavyweight steel base-plate - Polished silicone accents


Puffco Plus USB Charger This puffco plus battery will fully charge the puffco in under 60 minutes.  When the puffco battery is unscrewed from the charger the light on the charger will turn from green to...


Puffco Plus Atomizer


Puffco Plus Chamber Puffco Plus full ceramic chamber is designed to optimize the capacity & taste of your concentrate. It contains no glues and exposed metals. You can load it with ease in no time...


Replacement Peak Ball Cap and Tether Get perfect airflow for puffs with The Puffco Peak Ball Cap.  The borosilicate glass cap creates a directional airflow. Carb cap comes with a tether so everything stays close....


Puffco Peak Replacement Atomizer  The Peak replacement atomizer works with the Puffco Peak Vaporizer. Made without glues, plastic, coils or fiber the atomizer uses ceramic heating for purer vape experiences.  The ceramic bowl that provides awesome flavors...


Replacement Puffco Peak Carb Cap and Tether The Puffco Peak carb cap is hand-blown borosilicate glass. Use to increase air velocity and to maximize the vapor flow from your Peak. Order yours today!


Replacement Puffco Peak Colored Glass The Puffco Peak Colored glass customizes any Peak. Fun and classy with its easy design, each Borosilicate glass piece features percolation water filtration, for smooth hits every time. Clean up is easy, just...

Puffco was born in 2013 when CEO Roger Voladarsky wanted to raise industry standards when it came to concentrate vaporizers. Since then, Puffco have specialized in developing vapes that reflect the best technology, design and engineering for consuming concentrates.

The result: a compact line of highly effective products, and some of the most innovative devices in the market.

Once you have filled or 'packed' your bowl, you're ready to go. Now, hold your pipe in one hand and place a finger or thumb on the carb. Next, bring to your lips and inhale as your light your material, and repeat these steps.

Puffco Peak: Concentrate Vaping at its Finest

Arguably their best device so far, the Puffco Peak offers concentrate lovers a safer alternative to dabbing, bridging the gap between old-school glass rigs and dab pens. Best described as a home portable electronic dabbing rig, the Puffco Peak is the perfect choice for vaping concentrates without having to get up close and personal with a blow torch.

Designed with user-accessibility in mind, the Peak is single-button operated with haptic feedback and an LED light band. With smart temperature calibration and four pre-configured temperature settings to choose from, Puffco have taken all the guess-work out of using dab rigs - so you can be safe in the knowledge that every hit will always be at optimum temperature.

Vape Pens: Puffco Plus and Puffco Pro

Before the release of the revolutionary Peak, Puffco built their good name on developing some of the best concentrate vape pens in the industry. With the Puffco Plus, the brand built upon the previous Puffco Pro pen vape to offer an even greater concentrate pen with added features and better design.

With convection heating and a mini ceramic chamber, you’ll always have even heating and tasty vapor, even during sesh mode. The Puffco Plus is the height of efficiency, with an average of 50 draws per load and enough battery power to last 30 sessions.

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