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The main advantage of bongs and water pipes is their incredible levels of water filtration. This means that users can enjoy huge, dense hits with incredible levels of cooling. Of course, over the years there have been more and more developments aimed at increasing this cooling power. From ice notches to percolators, the power of bongs has been increased time and time again.

However, nothing comes close to the force multiplication effect of a recycler. This ingenious design takes your hit after it has passed through your bong's cooling water and doubles that power by literally sending it through again!

Recyclers are the peak of bong technology and are essential for any water pipe fan who wants to maximize the amount of cooling they enjoy.

Affordable options for Recycler Bongs and Dab Rigs

Kayd Mayd - Sherlock Rig Series - 5.75"

This compact recycler rig overcomes the drawbacks of a compact design by increasing the amount of cooling each hit is cycled through. It is built out of ingeniously designed 3D printed plastic and features a glass diffused downstem with a built-in herb slide. 

The plastic ensures that this bong is safe to store and travel with, freeing you from the concerns that come with brittle glass. This bong is perfect for beginners getting their first taste of the recycler scheme, or anyone who wants a compact alternative to the bigger, more unwieldy glass bongs. 

Kayd Mayd - The Flying Angel Rig Series - 7" Double Barrel Pistol Grip

Another bong made from high-quality 3D printed plastic. It features a long, ergonomic airpath that is both durable and effective. It features a glass downstem and herb slide. It uses internal diffusion tubes to cycle each hit through its reservoir twice.

Its unique pistol grip design makes it incredibly easy to handle and use. This means that whether you have a surface to set it down on, or if you're using it in the great outdoors, it is equally intuitive.

Atlas Mini Rig

This ultra compact rig offers users a way to enjoy high-power dab hits with a level of cooling that is normally only seen in far larger bongs. The Atlas comes from MJ Arsenal, a fantastic brand that offers a broad range of excellent bongs, bubblers, and pipes. 

A recycler rig is especially good for concentrate rigs, as they operate at very high temperatures, but also require more compact pipes as the vapor dissipates quickly. 

Top picks of Recycler Bongs and Dab Rigs

Ursa Mini Rig

Another offering from MJ Arsenal, the Ursa Mini Rig is a compact and efficient water tool that offers incredible filtration for smooth, concentrated hits. It comes bundled with a quartz dab bucket and uses a combination of water cooling, percolators, and recyclers to cool and filter each and every hit. Its broad base and compact size make it incredibly easy to handle. Measuring at less than six inches tall, it is also very easy to transport and store. 

Alien Head Perc Bong

This striking bong brings form and function together effortlessly. Built out of high quality glass with colorful accents, and features an ergonomically shaped neck that even features an ice notch. 

The Alien head found inside the reservoir is part of the recycler system, so it's much more than just a pretty face. Out of the box, this piece comes with a herb bowl but is also suitable for use with any nail or banger compatible with its joint. 

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig

This piece is serious business. Hand-crafted from durable medical-grade borosilicate glass, this incredible rig may be the best dab rig recycler we stock. It features a diffused stem that breaks up each hit into a flurry of bubbles, these are then cycled through the reservoir via the recycler, resulting in a seriously impressive amount of filtration and cooling. It comes in its own collectors’ storage box and with everything you need for a full dab kit. 

What to look for in Recycler Bongs and Dab Rigs

Generally, when you are pricing around dab rigs the material they are made out of comes down to personal preference. However, the downstem should always be made out of high-quality glass, or another non-reactive material like stainless steel. This is because this part of the rig comes into direct contact with the heat of your hits as they pass through them. This can ruin the flavor of your hits if the downstem is made out of cheap plastic. 

Another thing to keep an eye out for is whether your recycler of choice comes with a herb bowl or a dab nail. If you're all about botanicals, you'll need a bowl. However, if you prefer to concentrate, then look for a nail, banger, or bucket. 

Differences between all Recycler Bongs and Dab Rigs

The key variation you'll find among recyclers is the material they are intended for. Those built for dry herbs always come bundled with a bowl, this is perfect for packing with ground botanicals. They also tend to be a bit larger as the hits from the dry herb are capable of traveling further than the vapor from dabs. 

Dab rigs come with either a banger, a bucket, or a nail. These are special attachments that are far more heat resistant than typical water pipe accessories. Dab bubblers tend to be far more compact and rely more heavily on percolators and diffused downstems. 

Some bongs are compatible with both, but will still need separate bowls and buckets to operate correctly. 

Advantages of Recycler Bongs and Dab Rigs

  • Incredible cooling
  • Fantastic designs

Disadvantages of Recycler Bongs and Dab Rigs

  • Relies on combustion. 


What Do Recyclers Bongs Do?

A recycler is a special series of pipes and percolators that alter the length of a bong's air path. They force each hit to move through the water several times, increasing the filtration. 

Are Recyclers Better?

Though it may sound like taking a hit from a recycler will take longer, in reality, it doesn't. The smoke moves through the two chambers quickly due to their compact size, so a hit from a recycler feels very similar to one from a bong. 

How Much Water Do You Need In A Recycler Bong?

You'll want to make sure that the lower chamber in your recycler is around three quarters full of water. This is around about the same amount that you would use in a regular bong. Filling it beyond this point may make it impossible to take a hit through. 


Recycler Bongs and Dab Rigs are the ultimate in water cooling. If you want filtration, smooth hits, and incredibly cool herb experiences, then look no further. 

They are the ultimate fusion of intricate glass design and amazing session quality. It's hard to imagine any serious bong collection not featuring at least one of these!