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Rolling Papers & Trays


This Raw Tool makes it Easy to Roll! Keep your stash in order with this compact, easy to carry Raw Rolling Tray! The high sided rolling tray comes in 3 sizes: Large - 13"x11" Small...


Namaste Technologies have just received the first batch of iRollie phone cases.  The first ever rolling tray phone case is the revolutionary phone case for any on the go smoker. This thing is made for...


This starter kit from Futurola is the creme de la creme of travel setups. It comes with a metal rolling tray decorated in Futurola product designs and comes with a King Size Cone Roller, a...


Pure Hemp Rolling Tray These trays are made out of tough aluminum to withstand dents and scratches, yet is still light weight. it is small enough to pack up and take with you wherever you...


All Hail MOBO A modular, buildable system with space to store, stow and roll. Perfect at home, for entertaining or on the go, MOBO is the number one way to roll. With the MOBO tray,...


Roll Up on a Raw Tray This "Daze of the Week" rolling tray keeps your stash situated as you roll, pack or do whatever prep you need before smoking. Made in the USA. Order yours...


Raw Rolling Trays help keep your stash in line Roll up on a classic Raw Rolling Tray! Perfect gift for newbies and long-term cannabis enthusiasts alike. Roll up right each time without losing herb to...


GRAV Labs Rolling Tray 7.5" Everyone needs a rolling tray, you don't want all of your herbs to end up on your pants or your table where you end up just brushing it off after...


Marley Natural American Black Walnut Case Taking all your favorite smoking accessories around with you can be a chore if you don't have a suitable way of transporting them. Thankfully the designers at Marley Natural...

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OCB Premium  These are OCB premium rolling papers. They are ultra thin and slow burning making it an unmatched rolling experience. The papers are made from natural flax plant and is made with the gum...

Rolling Paper & Trays

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