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A rosin press can allow you to create high-quality concentrates from the comfort of your own home. One reason they have become so popular, is that it's a solventless technique.

What this means is that it doesn't require the use of any other foreign substances like butane or propane. And the extraction process of these 'toxic' chemicals alone can be quite lengthy.

Products like the Rosinbomb Rocket are innovative and dedicated to extracting materials in cleaner way, for a better vaping experience. Another plus is that the content of rosin is almost indistinguishable from BHO (butane hash oil) commonly known as shatter. However, unlike shatter does not contain any of the solvents

Making Rosin using a Press

Once you have a press, making rosin is incredibly simple. There's no chemicals involved, and no lengthy lab process, you just add heat and pressure. Rosin basically refers to a concentrate created through this method and it commonly refers to a thick, oil-like substance derived from flowers on resin. Rosin works in all concentrates pens and vaporizers and there is no real extra learning curve when using this substance. The vapor it creates is highly satisfying and isn't as harsh on the throat either. Thanks to the gentle nature of rosin, the flavors experienced are like nothing else.

Rosin also gives users options, it allows the flexibility of pulling from different source materials. Whether you are looking for a small cheap rosin press or want to start creating rosin for commercial purposes we've got you covered.

The RosinBomb Rocket

After years of research and development to perfect and organic, high yield, plug-and-play press, the RosinBomb Rocket and M-50 are the premium choices for personal and business use. The process began by thinking how the factors of heat and pressure could affect yield, in order to create optimum, organic results. The Rosinbomb press is the technology to achieve the best yield for you concentrate.

The Rocket is a very no-frills, user-friendly press.With a small device, using it couldn’t be any simpler. Adjusting the temperature, lowering/raising the plates and turning it on is a simple process.

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