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Rosin Press

Have you found yourself enjoying some rosin and wishing you could experience your favorite material? Or maybe you tried it once with a friend, and then found your local area doesn't sell rosin? Or even worse, have you found other concentrates are a bit harsh? Rosin is the fastest going extract industry in the States, and with good reason. With full flavors, gentle hits, and a world of vaporizers to use them with, rosin is attractive to so many people. Solvent-free is the future, and making delicious batches is not exclusive to big companies within the industry! Get ready to experience some next level concentrates.

Is it hard?

Enjoy a whole new world with home rosin presses! Rather than having to spend time and money finding it, you can simply put your favorite strains within the devices and create your own rosin at home with ease. If you are looking to start creating rosin for commercial purposes we have you covered too. Our profession collection can give up to 20 tons of pressure per press! No risk, no fuss, and minimal effort! All that's needed is the material, some greaseproof paper, and the press itself.

Why Rosin?

Rosin has to be the easiest and best way to create extracts! No chemicals, no lengthy lab process, making rosin is incredibly simple: just add heat and pressure!  After discovering these methods, companies set up to create rosin on a bulk basis. The benefits of solvent-free extracts can be seen far and wide, and they wanted to help people see that. Rosin works in all concentrate pens and requires nothing extra, meaning no learning curve. It is also much more gentle on the throat, which is handy for those who find other extracts harsh. Thanks to the gentle nature of rosin, the flavors can be experienced like nothing before.