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Smoking Accessories


CVault Humidity Controlled Storage Container These CValut storage containers are the #1 way to store your dried products over long periods of time without the quality diminishing. When combined with Boveda® humidity packs there’s no...


GRAV Labs 12mm Octo-taster w/ Silicone Skin What's better than a GRAV® Taster? A GRAV® Taster you can throw across the room without breaking it.The silicone skin on the new 12mm GRAV® Tasters is as...


Magical Butter Machine 2 When it comes to making medicated 'edibles', many people are put off because it is so hard to properly mix your dried products and your other ingredients together effectively and to...


Keep it to yourself with the Original Personal Air Filter from Smokebuddy. Specially designed to eliminate secondhand smoke, so you don’t bother your friends or family. Exhale into the Smoke Buddy and nothing but odorless...


Higher Standards Dot Wipes This is the Official Dot Wipes from Higher Standards. This wipes are 70% Isopropyl Alcohol wipes, these are great for cleaning vaporizers and even better at cleaning class. Making sure you...


Carry Happiness everywhere you go  Until now dabbing has usually been constricted to being an indoor activity due to the need for a high temperature flame and somewhere to place the hot equipment during the...


When Alpha-Cat Labs' brought us the amazing Alpha Puff Kit we, like everyone else, absolutely loved it. One of it's best features is it's ability to carry all your smoking bits and pieces, and that...


Description  This double sided dabber is what every dabber needs! made out of stainless steel this dab tool has a flat pointed end on one side and a wider scoop on the other end. You...


These all natural hemp rolls are 100% tobacco and nicotine free. These are triple dipped to ensure the flavor comes through and helping make these wraps moist and delicious.  These rolls will make stronger tasting herbs...


With the Pipe stick you get a two in one tool. You get a long wooden tool with a premium cotton tip bullet shaped swab. the flat tip is perfect for getting and chiseling out the stuck...


Description These silicone jars stand about an inch tall and have a thread to help the top connect to the bottom without falling off. The silicone material will ensure that your material inside will not...


Marley Natural Holder The Marley Natural Holder is the perfect way to stylishly transport your pre-roll around with you to avoid it getting damaged and minimizes odor. Crafted from black walnut wood and with a gold-threaded...


I-TAL Hemp Wicks With I-TAL Hemp Wicks you can be sure that you're only getting an untainted flavor from your flame source. 100% ultra refined beeswax is used to create the hemp wick with all the...


Bong Brush 30cm This flexible bong brush is the perfect tool to help keep your bongs and glassware looking fresh. It has a 30cm long flexible body to reach around the tightest of corners and...

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Blazer Big Shot GT8000 If you want the best torch on the market then the Blazer Big Shot GT8000 is exactly what you need. It is considered the absolute Daddy of torches for dabbing with nothing...


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