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Smoking Accessories


Magnetic Wooden Taster Box Features: Durable wooden construction Magnetic poker and lid Storage for smoking blends Fits all standard taster bats Bat not included The Taster Box will keep your tobacco and dried products blends...


Eyce Replacement 10mm Titanium Nail with WandThis is the Official Replacement 10mm Titanium Nail with Wand. This is definitely a well needed even as a spare part. 


Eyce Glass Bowl ReplacementThis is the Official Glass Bowl Replacement by Eyce. This is definitely a well needed replacement for anyone who use bongs.


G Tool This is the Official G Tool by Grenco Science. The G Tool is made out of Stainless Steel. The G Tool is used to help you out when it comes to handling your...


Shine x Tyga - 24k Gold Papers These are the Official 24k Gold Papers by Shine x Tyga. These skins are actually gold, no joke. If you're fed up using the normal, standard, and boring...


Higher Standards Resin Rag  - Box of 5 Between deep cleans it's a good idea to clean your glassware over with a resin rag such as one of these to keep on top of those...


Higher Standards Salt Rox - 23 oz Water alone isn't enough to keep your bongs and rigs clean as stubborn residue will prove to you if you try it. That's where Higher Standards Salt Rox...


Higher Standards Tube Tops Silicone Stoppers Keeping your bong or rig clean doesn't have to be a messy business any longer thanks to these genius little rubber stopper. Plug the holes of your favorite piece, add...


Marley Natural Glass Filters Upgrade your smoking habits from the old school paper roaches to these stylish 7mm glass filter tips from Marley Naturals. Each tip can be used again and again and will last you...

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VapeCase - Extreme Q - Kush Series Keep your Arizer Extreme Q protected and looking its best with the VapeCase Extreme Q soft case. The inner section has adequate room to keep your vaporizer safe from...


Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot GT8000 When Higher Standards were looking to collaborate to create this torch there was only one manufacturer that would meet their requirements, Blazer.  Design The Big Shot Torch is precisely...


This glass adapter from Sneaky Pete is designed to turn any rig with a 14.4mm male joint into one with a 14.4mm female joint so you can drop any of your favorite flower bowls onto...


The Safety Case from the people at Black Rock Originals is one of the most useful pieces of kit we've come across in a while. It comes complete with everything you could possible need in...


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