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Straight Bongs

For most of history, people have used some form of a water pipe to cool the smoke from their botanicals. Evidence of versions of what we'd call bongs now can be traced back to archaeological sites dating back to ancient Mesopotamia and China. 

The first modern patent for a bong was filed in the 1960s, so it's safe to say that we've had these things around for a while 

One of the oldest designs that we still use today is the basic straight tube bong. These classic glass water pipes have stuck around for as long as they have and for good reason. These bongs offer incredible cooling, amazing hits, and look great while doing it. 


Affordable options for Straight Bongs

Atomic 15cm Mini Water Pipe

These tiny acrylic water pipes from Atomic are a fun and affordable addition to any collection. They offer compact and reliable cooling in a range of cool, collectible colors and designs. They are also incredibly affordable, perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy some water cooling without breaking the bank. On top of this, their acrylic design makes them more durable and portable than a glass bong. This makes them ideal for traveling or bringing to festivals. 

Top picks of Straight Bongs

Trailer Park Boys Julian 12" Waterpipe | Famous Brandz

This bong from Famous Brandz is a Classic Straight bong with a twist. Standing an imposing 12 inches tall, this is the perfect flagship for any bong collection. Its towering construction offers truly incredible, lung busting hits. This is a piece of official merch for the massive cult hit comedy, The Trailer Park Boys. This piece is emblazoned with a decal of the gang's leader, Julian. 

On top of all of this, the bong's neck also features ice pinches that can catch and hold ice cubes in the neck for an added level of cooling. 

This piece would make a truly incredible centerpiece for the collections of trailer park Boys fans, or anyone who appreciates a high-quality bong. 

12" Flared Water Pipe with HoneyComb disc

Hailing from bong mainstays, Grav Labs, this piece is a seriously impressive piece of work. At a staggering 12 inches tall, this bong is meant for experienced users only. Its impressive height is offset by a broad base that will ensure that it doesn't tip or spill over when you set it down. 

This bong is packed with high-quality design features. The most important of which is the eponymous honeycomb disc. 

This piece of glasswork forces water and smoke through a grid of tiny holes. This breaks the smoke up into a multitude of tiny bubbles. Doing this increases the overall surface area of the hit, increasing the overall cooling power of the bong. On top of this, the bong also features a funnel bowl, which acts as a preliminary mini bong, doubling the amount of water cooling you can expect. 

If all that wasn't enough, the neck features a combination splash guard and ice pinch. This stops any of the bubbling water from making it into your mouth, while also catching any ice you drop into the bong, increasing the level of cooling massively.

What to look for in Straight Bongs

A good straight bong will have a broad base. This helps offset the high center of gravity that these bongs generally have, ensuring that your bong is safe and secure during use. A removable bowl and downstem opens up a whole world of additional options. Users can cycle through several different bowl sizes, or even use a concentrate nail as long as it matches the bong's joint. 

Differences between all Straight Bongs

There are a few key differences between different straight bongs. One key difference is what the bong is made out of. There is a range of great materials that bongs can be made out of in the bong scene, but a must for any serious fan is a borosilicate glass bong.

This is a high-quality glass that is created by adding silica during its creation. It is resistant to both thermal shock and stress fractures. Another key difference is whether or not the bong features an ice pinch. This is a specialized piece of molding that can catch and hold ice allowing you to enjoy super-cooled hits. Finally, whether your bong has a percolator or not has a huge impact on the quality of your hits. A percolator breaks up a hit into smaller bubbles, increasing the amount of filtration that can take place. This results in especially smooth hits. 

Advantages of Straight Bongs

  • Great Water Cooling
  • Easy to Handle
  • Classic Design

Disadvantages of Straight Bongs

  • May Lack Some Features
  • Requires Combustion to operate


How often should I change my straight bong water?

Ideally, you should change the water in your bong after every session. If you don't, you'll find that a large amount of build-up will stain the inside of your bong. 

What are the different types of bong?

There are three main types of bongs. Straight bongs, beaker bongs, and bubblers. These terms generally describe the overall shape of the bong.

Are Straight Bongs Better Than Beaker Bongs?

This is mainly down to a matter of personal taste. If you prefer a more classic look that is easy to handle, then a straight bong is for you!


Straight bongs are one of the best ways to enjoy dry herbs. They have been around for nearly as long as dry herb smoking has, so they work. These days, however, you can expect to get great pieces made out of high-quality glass rather than clay or bamboo. 

Overall, the straight bong is a proven classic that will serve any bong fan well.