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A vape pen is just a miniature portable vaporizer that can vape CBD, oils, waxes, E-liquids, and dry herbs. Vape pens are the perfect portable vaporizer as they are extremely compact and are usually no larger than a pen; hence their name. Vaporizer pens include three parts: the battery, atomizers, and the mouthpiece, they may all differ in size but each one will consist of all three.

What to look for in a vape pen?

When searching for a vaporizer pen there are a few things you may want to consider before purchasing one. Firstly, it is also important to know what exactly you will be using your vape pen for, if it is liquids, look for a tank atomizer, maybe it is waxes, then you will want a coil or wick atomizer, and if it is dry herb you are looking to use in your pen then look for a dry herb tank. 

If you are a traveler or outdoors kind of person, battery life may be an important aspect as you want a vaporizer that can last as long as you can. Not only is the battery important but if trying different cartridges or switching between oil and wax is important finding a vape with a 510 thread battery is a must! The 510 thread allows any vape pen to be more optional and more easily personalized when switching batteries and atomizers. 

If the flavor is important then find a vape pen with airflow and adjustable voltages or temperature settings. This will allow for an easier pull and allows the user to play around with the vaporizer until it is exactly what they are looking for. 

Affordable Vape Pen options

KandyPens Rubi 

One of our top-selling cheap vape pens is the KandyPens Rubi! The Rubi is an oil and liquid vape that works in a leakproof pod system instead of an atomizer system which are refillable. It is equipped with dual airflow which allows for easy pulls and a better vaping experience. Overall, the Rubi will go about 30-50 pulls per charge or enough for a full day while providing consistent vapor. 

Yocan evolve concentrate pen

This budget-friendly wax vape pen is the closest thing to a dab rig to go. With a dual quartz coil atomizer, the Yocan evolve has no problem melting the thickest of wax concentrates. The Evolve for concentrates makes it an easy transition to go from a larger rig to a portable one. 

Kandy Pens slim kit 

A convenient and easy starter vape kit, the Kandy pens slim kit is an oil use vaporizer. The is a 510 threaded connection to the 280mah battery. It is an auto draw vaporizer without a single button for use just inhale and the pen turns on. The single temperature on the slim is a 3.5v, which gives off just enough power for a flavorful experience. 

Top Vape Pen picks

G Pen Elite

Talk about a massive battery and a massive chamber to match! The G pen elite has a 2200mAh battery and a huge 0.75g heating chamber for dry herbs. The Elite is larger than other pens as it is not so much shaped like a pen rather a marker. This a dry herb only vape pen, although it is not the smallest or most discreet it allows full control for the user. 

DynaVap M

One of the more unconventional pens we have here is the DynaVap M as it is a fully stainless steel unit and needs to be used with an open flame. This is a dry herb vaporizer that offers an adjustable bowl perfect for micro dosing and adjustable airflow to decrease restriction. The DynaVap offers excellent flavor and if a torch doesn’t scare you is a perfect portable vape. 

Puffco Plus

The Puffco plus offers an extremely discreet vaporizer that provides great vapor production and zero mess. This vaporizer doesn’t have any coils and comes with a built-in dab tool as it is a concentrate vape. Everything you need is built into this vaporizer as well as 3 different temperature settings to enhance any session. 

Atmos jump 

A true pen size the atmos jump vaporizer pen for dry herb has a strong 1200mah battery and carbon fiber wrapping making this thing very durable and long-lasting. It has a single button heating process and can be managed by continuously pressing the button. Quick and simple are the standout qualities in the Jump

Differences between all Vape pens?

Firstly, the main and probably the most obvious difference would be what each type of vape would be what they are capable of vaporizing. Some vape dry herb, while others vape on the completely opposite side and vape E-liquids. 

The biggest difference between the pens and what they vape is going to be the heating chambers or atomizers. The heating element will be either an open chamber, coils, or a sub-ohm. All of these will differ in size, but not to get confused with a box mod as they will all still be pen-sized or a bit bigger. 

Another factor that differs and can also affect the size is the vape pen battery, this comes in different mAh’s and can affect the power output by your vaporizer. This also can affect the voltage that a vaporizer can come with. With some vape pens, there is a fixed voltage meaning that there is only one temperature on your pen, while others have variable voltages and allows the user to mess around with flavor and cloud production. 


  • Extremely compact and easy to travel with
  • More temperature control
  • Single sessions
  • Low odor
  • Simple to use


  • Maintenance can be excessive
  • Learning curve
  • Not enough power


Q1. How to use a vape pen?

Vape pens can be fairly simple to use as there are only a few components that come with them. Each vape pen usually comes with a single button and if not then it is an auto draw and is even easier to use. For button vapes, just a few clicks will turn it on and also allows you to switch through the temperature setting if they come with multiple settings. 

Filling the atomizers with your preferred material wither with a dropper for the liquids, a dab tool for concentrates, or simply pinch in the dry herb. Close up the vape after filling and turn it on and it is set to vape. 

Q2. What is a vape pen?

Vape pens are small portable devices that resemble a pen and can be used for oils, waxes, e-liquids, and dry herbs.

Q3. How do Vape pens work?

A vape pen works by vaporizing the material inside the chamber or atomizer, unlike smoking from a bong or pipe which burns the material and creates smoke. A vape pen does not burn the material instead it vaporizes it, meaning that it heats it up to a point right under combustion to allow all of the flavors without the burn-off of terpenes.

Q4. How to clean a vape pen?

How to clean your vape pen will be determined entirely on which kind of vaporizer you have. There may be pens that need to have a deeper clean than others, but usually, a couple of methods will do the trick. 

What is need to clean a vape pen is Isopropyl alcohol (ISO), warm water, paper towels, and cotton swabs. The mouthpiece will need to be removed and wiped down with a soaked ISO and then rinsed off with warm water. 

When it comes to atomizers it is a bit trickier, if there are coils you will need to do a burn-off session and be very gentle when wiping it down with the ISO cotton swab. If there are no coils in your vaporizer do a full and thorough wipe down with the ISO cotton swab. After either method is done run a burn-off session to ensure that all of the alcohol is gone to enjoy your next session. 


Vape pens are the perfect addition to any collection if you want to take your vaping experience outside or on the go! Whether it be for concentrates, liquids, or dry herbs there is a vape pen out there for everyone.