The VapeXhale Cloud Evo is the latest model from VapeXhale and features the advanced PerpetuHeat system - an innovation that generates quick, steady and non-eroding heat. With this system you'll always get a thick vapor no matter your lung capacity. 

Seibo Shen, a former tech industry worker, is the one responsible for bringing to us the VapeXhale vaporizers that promise to bring many therapeutic benefits to aromatherapy users. Dating back to 1997, the company has since been keen on creating the healthiest, attention grabbing devices for cannabis enthusiasts in Santa Clara County, California. Through extensive research and much hard work, the founders of VapeXhale vapes have been dedicated for years to creating the best vaporizers in the vaporization industry. VapeXhale vaporizers are considered to be the most intelligent herbal delivery systems in the US market, designed to ensure the most relaxing and enjoyable experience for its users. 

Shen and his VapeXhale team of engineers, avid vaporists, and artisans, have manufactured herbal vaporizers with the maximum efficiency (they require fewer herbs but still achieve the desired effect) and ultimate flavor, allowing the users a clean and aroma therapeutic vapor like no other. These versatile VapeXhlae vapes allow users to control their vaping experience by selecting smoother and flavorful vapor, depending on their requirements or preferences. Unlike other companies that focus solely on technical components, VapeXhale vapes are focused not only on those technical components but also on providing a unique experience for their users. These vaporizers are not only functional but also have an artisanal beauty which makes them stand out from the competition. Manufactured with carefully sculpted, high grade, borosilicate glass components and also hand blown to provide a uniform consistency the VapeXhale vape is sure to win your heart. Theses beautifully hand crafted vaporizers are also compatible with existing glass collections, all you need is an adapter kit and you will be ready to enjoy vaping on many different, and possibly unexplored, levels.

No other vaporizer company in the US has excelled in designing, let alone manufacturing, an effortless and plentiful vapor production through their extreme potency vaporizers like the VapeXhale vape. These herbal delivery systems are aces in eliminating smoke, combustion and tainted flavor by avoiding the charring of herbal supplies. VapeXhale vape’s easy to use devices with amazing oil and herb performance have proved time and again that they are a classical favorite.  The VapeXhale EVO, one of the company’s most famous vaporizers known for its taste and precise temperature control, has PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology, which guarantees an even distribution of the hot air making it more efficient and increasing the robust vapor which is produced thus completely revolutionizing the industry.

VapeXhale vaporizers such as  Cloud Evo have taken upon themselves to optimize their products functionality and have come to create health-conscious vaporizers that have yet to be matched. The VapeXhale vape has won numerous prizes in the US: first place in SF New Techs showcase and many awards from various HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups. So, it is no wonder that the vaporization industry is calling VapeXhale vapes the “leader in vaporizer technology” and the “King of vaporizers”. These vaporizers are equipped with everything you could possibly need to satisfy your aromatherapy needs and more. Customer satisfaction is a number one priority for the company and they are always willing to work side by side with their loyal customers in order to improve their devices and take the vaping experience one step further. Check out VapeXhales official website to learn more about the reasons to purchase VapeXhale vaporizers and their accessories or to read the many customer reviews as proof of the many satisfied customers that have a smile on their face because of these healthy driven vaporizers.  Do not forget to order yours today and start enjoying the real ultimate vaping experience that only VapeXhale vapes has to offer!

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