Vapir Inc., established in 1997 as “Advanced Inhalation Revolution” and dedicated to creating the all time best portable and digital vaporizers, has quickly become a favorite for vapers all around the US because of its originality and high quality products. Although back in the 90’s vaporizers were only just beginning to make their way to the market, Vapir Vapes was quick to understand the needs of the vapers and provide them durable, low cost vaporizers that would allow users a smokeless alternative while maintaining the same great flavor of their preferred herbs all while reducing the high risks associated with smoking. The company moved to California in 2001 and in 2002 they found themselves already one step ahead of the competition by releasing Vapir Digital Air into the vaporization industry and delighting their US customers with a one of a kind, high tech vaporizer.  After launching the first Vapir vape, and receiving overwhelming orders, the company did not delay much in releasing the Oxygen Mini, One 5.0 and, the all time famous, NO2 Vaporizer, all of which have played a key role in the company’s successful development.

Specializing in digital vaporization, Vapir Vapes has been able to develop and produce vaporizers which include precise temperature control, premium materials and LCD displays. Vapir Vaporizers are sleek and sophisticated, giving them a revolutionary look for an accessible price.  Built with a combination of elegance and top notch materials, Vapir vapes are the only ones on the market guaranteed to provide a high quality vaping experience unlike any other. Through irritation free vapor, which is commonly attributed to combustion, Vapir has become an expert in the craft of digital vaporization. These vaporizers provide a 95% dry herb vapor quality, which is yet to be met by the competition. Through classical convection heating Vapir vaporizers will produce a clean, flavorful vapor of any herb you may choose from, ensuring a pleasant aromatherapy session. Designed with a quick heat up system and lots of functionality, the Vapir vape allows their users plenty of control over all of the aspects involved in the vaporizing process, making it much more simple and enjoyable.

There are a handful of reasons to buy Vapir vaporizers in the US: durability, low cost, high performance, quality, and variety, just to mention a couple. Vapir has many different kinds of vaporizers, from pocket sized to desktop vaporizers, you name it and they have got it. Among Vapir’s most renowned vaporizers are Vapir Rise, and Vapir Prima. Vapir Rise is one of the newest additions to the extensive family of vaporizers which can function with different kinds of oils, herbs and other aromatherapy materials that may be at hand. It’s a desktop vaporizer that comes with many vaping options for its users and is as durable as the rest. On the other hand, Vapir Prima is a high standard, portable vaporizer that is both dynamic and easy to use. However you choose to look at it, the Vapir vape is the most complete vaporizer on the market.

Vapir Inc. is dedicated to customer satisfaction and flawless quality products, so no matter what your vaping preferences may be, Vapir vaporizers is sure to have just what you are looking for in order to provide a flavor filled, high quality experience that will most definitely exceed your expectations. Staying true to their goals, Vapir works every day on designing, developing, and producing world class vaporizers at accessible prices. Whether you are an experienced vaper or are just beginning to acquire experience you will surely be surprised by what Vapir vaporizers can do for you. Make sure to check out Vapir’s official website for extra information concerning any Vapir vape products or to purchase one of their many wonderful Vapir vaporizers!

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