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Vapman Vaporizers was founded in Bienne, Switzerland, a city located at the center of the Swiss watch industry, in 2005 by Rene Balli, using only the latest technology on the market. Being elaborated in a city surrounded by top notch providers such as Rolex and Omega definitely set the bar for these herbal vaporizers, pushing Vapman Vaporizers to become most efficient and effective vaporizers in the USA. They have specialized in creating a high performance vaporizer that will be sure to convince you upon the first try.

While most portable vaporizers are made out of glass, making them fragile and difficult to clean the Vapman is carefully handmade in Switzerland and built to last, all while fitting in the palm of your hand. The creators of the Vapman have achieved an optimum impact and top safety by choosing materials and components that are all made in Switzerland and guaranteed to be nothing less but the best. Elaborated with only the highest quality products available, the handmade Vapman is built out of untreated pear wood and greased with linseed oil, which only makes their product all the better. There is a Classic (Mica) edition and a pure version which will surely adjust to your preference.  It is a great aromatherapy option for those looking to enjoy a unique and relaxing experience or for medical self-treatment in the USA and is completely contaminant free.

One of the wonderful features in the Vapman vape is the phyto inhalation. During this Phyto inhalation, the herbal substances are inhaled through the vaporizer and do not produce smoke or contaminants, only pure vapor accompanied by a true herbal flavor that few vaporizers achieve.  All natural substances can be vaporized, thus broadening the possibilities. All finely cut herbs are sure to be a match for this innovative vaporizer which has become the best new vaporizer on the market.

Why buy Vapman vaporizers in the USA?

It is a discreet and unique herbal vaporizer that comes with its very own carrying case which is sure to fit safely into your pocket and a butane torch lighter in order to allow users to enjoy their vaping experience anywhere at any given time. The approximate heating time is just one minute and will heat up to perfection. These vaporizers also come in a variety of colors, such as blue, green, red and yellow, and they have many grinder types, from acrylic to aluminum so you can choose the one that fits your vaping mood.

Research and development form an important part in the Vapman Company and they are always looking forward to new technologies in order to improve their already exceptional vaporizers. Among their many products one can find the Vapman handmade wooden pieces and Jetflame lighters. The Vapman vaporizers are original Swiss quality products that are simple to use without losing their sleek designs, and just as easy to maintain. Staying true to the Swiss industry values, the Vapman vapes are sure to meet your quality, reliability and precision standards. For more information on how to buy handmade Vapman vaporizers in the USA, make sure to check out their website and let them fulfill your vaporizing dreams all while taking advantage of the awesome discounts they have for you!

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