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VaporBlunt, more commonly known as VaporB, is a young vaporizing company based out of California USA which decided to become a pioneer in the vaporizing industry and started designing and creating vaporizers in 2016. It is already considered by many in the USA the next big thing in the vaping industry because of its high quality products and sleek designs. Manufactured to fit all herbal needs this vaporizer Brand has thought of it all; from dry herbs all the way to essential oils, they have got the vaporizer that suits your needs.

The VaporBlunt, or VaporB 2.0 as some prefer to call it, has taken the next big step in creating a small, yet elegant vaporizer with the same high quality as the original VaporB vapes. It features a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery that makes it possible to take with you anywhere you need it. This incredible vaporizer is able to run an average of 2 hours on a full charge! And, its five pre-set temperature settings (1 to 5) allow you to customize it according to your heat preferences and it has an astonishing 90 second warm up time, which only makes it much easier to use.

The VaporB vaporizer is not only designed to work for dry herbs but also includes an essential oil attachment that allows its users to choose from a variety of products and no longer limits them to a certain kind. The VaporB is sure to thrill both first time users as well as experienced vaporists because of its high accessibility.  One of the great features of this vaporizer is that the ON / OFF button and the temperature control buttons are built in one, which means that you do not have to fiddle with a lot of buttons anymore when looking to adjust the temperature and a huge bonus is that it has a built in automatic shut off safety setting which activates itself after 12 minutes of inactivity.  The VaporB vape is a great product for all of those vapers in the USA looking  to reach the desired vaping experience because it produces a much more efficient vapor thanks to its built in stainless steel filling chambers which allow a much cleaner stream of vapor to be released thus producing a more relaxing and healthy environment.

If the VaporB vaporizer hasn’t yet convinced you with its high quality materials, bonus features and easy to use design then it will surely become a quick favorite because of how easy it is to clean and maintain. The VaporB 2.0 not only comes with all of the necessary tools, such as the wooden utility tool and the cleaning brush, to keep it clean but also includes a removable stainless steel screen which makes it all the easier to quickly clean with no need for disassembling parts.

 NamasteVapes is always looking for different ways to satisfy their USA customers and VaporB is not the exception. Staying true to their sleek designs, accessible features and high quality which have always distinguished the company, the VaporB 2.0 is sure to meet your standards and even comes with a one year guarantee!  The VaporB staff is always at hand and ready to answer any questions you may have concerning the product and help you pick out the vaporizer that is just for you! Log on to their website and check out all of the amazing offers they have at the moment.


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