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VaporB Vaporizer

VaporBlunt is a vaporizer company born in Southern California, USA. Better known as VaporB vaporizers, it provides its customers with a wide variety of portable vaporizers which meet different needs depending on the model to choose. Within its products’ portfolio, Palm vaporizers have been very welcome among novice vaporizer enthusiasts, who are looking for a simple and discreet unit but with a good performance. On the other hand, we have the premium units of this great company where we find the Pinnacle vaporizer and his most famous colleague, the extraordinary VaporBlunt vape.

This company has not skimped on technology. The VaporBlunt vaporizer is a compact and portable unit with great design and performance. Its body is made entirely of plastic. Although it is not very well seen among vape fans, we must admit that the plastic chosen for this unit is from high quality and has a consistent and firm weight. It is incredibly easy to use and feels amazingly comfortable on hands. The temperature range of the VaporBlunt vaporizer is quite large, ranging from 370ºF to 470ºF, where the last level is used to vaporize oils and concentrates. Yes, the VaporBlunt vape can vaporize both dried herbs and concentrates by simply changing the loading chamber. The great thing about the VaporB vaporizer is that it has 5 temperature levels already set. That means that we do not have to be raising or lowering degree by degree. This is just perfect to get a quick and relaxing aromatherapy session. Plus, it takes only 90 seconds to reach the optimum heating temperature, creating a dense and flavourful vapor cloud. It has a high-quality heating chamber that ensures your herbs are vaporized efficiently at all times. A difference from many other portable vapors that burn herbs instead of vaporizing, the VaporBlunt vaporizer uses advanced heating technology to produce only the best quality steam.

The VaporBlunt vaporizer is the healthiest way to smoke, as it vaporizes the material by drawing vapor that is less harmful than the smoke that is produced by smoking. This vaporizer can reduce your dry herbs by up to 4 times being dehydrated. At a temperature of about 375º F the volatile oil contained in the resin glands of herbs is transformed into vapor. Then, vapor is released from the leaves without burning the plant material itself. The VaporB vape also comes with a water filter. This provides some really great rips which are crisp and clean and emphasize the taste. You don’t get an accessory like this with every vape, so it may be a nice advantage for those who want something a bit different.

NamasteVapes is constantly in search of new vaporizers that can satisfy your needs. We have verified that VaporBlunt vaporizers are good quality and that is why we continue to sell them on our website. Please get in touch with one of our professionals via LiveChat and make sure you are buying the vaporizer that suits your needs. We will be very happy to hear from you.

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