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Dr. Dabber Globe Atomizer This is the Official Globe Atomizer by Dr. Dabber. This is a definitely a well needed replacement part. This is an affordable glass globe bubble atomizer, its suitable for heavy wax...


Ghost Kit Atomizer The Dr. Dabber Ghost is currently out of stock. We stock a number of other Dr.Dabber vaporizers that perform to the level the Ghost does. Check out the Dr. Dabber Light Kit here....

20% Off

Palm 1 & 2.0 Replacement Charger Charger used for Palm 1.0 and 2.0 Batteries

24% Off

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So you're finally the owner of a brand new, top of the line vaporizer. What's the one thing that could make your purchase that little bit sweeter? Some vaporizer accessories...

It might be a new grinder, a water tool to help you achieve crisp and cool vapor from your bong, or some simple screen replacements. Vaping accessories are a part of the joy of vaping, they serve a divine purpose, and can turn vaping into one of your favorite hobbies. To top it all off, we've got quite a collection for you here at Namaste Vaporizers.

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