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Vaporizer Accessories


Ghost Kit Atomizer The Dr. Dabber Ghost is currently out of stock. We stock a number of other Dr.Dabber vaporizers that perform to the level the Ghost does. Check out the Dr. Dabber Light Kit here....

20% Off

G Pen Coil Quartz After some time you may start to find that your G Pen isn’t performing quite as well as it once did. The main cause of this is an exhausted coil. You...


Palm 1 & 2.0 Replacement Charger Charger used for Palm 1.0 and 2.0 Batteries

24% Off

Vapor Brothers Glass 14mm Whip Water Tool Adapter A glass whip water tool designed to fit in the included whip of your Vapor Brothers Desktop Vape. Push the adapter into the end of your whip...

14% Off

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So you're finally the owner of a brand new, top of the line vaporizer. What's the one thing that could make your purchase that little bit sweeter? Some vaporizer accessories...

It might be a new grinder, a water tool to help you achieve crisp and cool vapor from your bong, or some simple screen replacements. Vaping accessories are a part of the joy of vaping, they serve a divine purpose, and can turn vaping into one of your favorite hobbies. To top it all off, we've got quite a collection for you here at Namaste Vaporizers.

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