First Titans Of The Industry

Storz and Bickel; True Power

Storz and Bickel are a German manufacturing company that emphasizes power. Started by Markus Storz, they came straight out of the gate by patenting the first removable valve balloon system. Joined by Jurgen Bickel some years later, their partnership quickly took the German and European markets by storm.

In 2003, backed by their products, they began business with Canada and the US. They haven’t been stopped since and they continue to lead the industry in vapor taste.

True Power

The Crafty is portable

Machine Look

When you take a Storz and Bickel vaporizer in your hand the first thing you’re going to notice is their very distinctive style. Each vape they produce looks like a real machine that outputs real power, making you excited even before you turn it on.

Most other vaping manufacturers take great time and attention to making their models look as sleek, stylish and modern as possible. It’s only Storz and Bickel that are bringing out these incredibly distinctive designs that are setting them apart and giving them a real sense of power.

Lasting Impression

When you try a Storz and Bickel vaporizer, you won’t be forgetting about it any time soon. What makes a Storz and Bickel vape so good? It starts in part with their amazing oven systems which were one of the first to truly perfect hybrid heat.

This insane combination of convection taste with conduction speed with the raw power these vapes are capable of produces big hitting, well toasted vape clouds. They’re the ultimate vapers dream, and the inclusion of cooling technology also makes the vapor incredibly smooth.

The Crafty is portable
The Crafty is portable

Medical Experts

The Volcano was Storz and Bickels first vaporizer and, in 2014, was named as the world’s first medical vaporizer, making a massive leap forward. To this day, they are the only manufacturers to design certified medical vaporizers. This is in part to the level of care and attention that their hybrid heated ovens were made with.

The balance there is perfect and it really shows on the herbs. If your herb or wax needs are more medical than pleasure then you really can’t rule out a Storz and Bickel vape.

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