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Wulf Vapes

NamasteVapes no longer carries the Wulf Vapes. We recommend customers try out the higher quality Pax 3 or Pax 2 Vaporizers. Otherwise take a look at all of our Portable vapes below as alternatives. We only sell the highest quality vapes that give users what they expect. 

Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer is the most modern and the latest model in the wulf collection. Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer has different temperature levels for you to vape at. The physical body is smooth and the design is compact which makes it perfectly fit in your hand and easy to operate with one hand. It uses one lithium-ion battery that is internally charged using a USB cable through the USB port.

The heating chamber is made of stainless steel which allows it to heat up fast within a period of 90 seconds.Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer has 3 temperature settings and you will be able to vape for about 1 hour continuously before you recharge it again. The filling chamber is elongated which makes it easy to fill in the vaping material and also easy to empty any residue that is left behind. It is also important to mention that Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer has an automatic shut off after 10 minutes which helps in saving on battery power.

Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer Features•