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XVape has created products that’ll forever have left their mark on the vape industry. The XVape catalog today consists of the finest vaporizers and electric dab rigs the market has to offer. 

The passion and love that has gone into the XVape brand are evident and are portrayed perfectly by their products. Each product boasts an individual aesthetic and performance, yet maintains the same level of quality and expertise. XVape vaporizers and electronic dab rigs are the perfect way to enjoy your concentrates and dry herbs. 

Technologically, XVape products such as the Vista Mini 2 rival the best we’ve ever seen. Epitomizing this innovation is the wireless charging feature, increasing user-friendliness to new heights.

The Namaste Vapes collection of XVape vaporizers and e-rigs caters something to all. From dry herb-specific devices to one of the most revolutionary e-rigs you’ll come across, we’ve got you covered. 

What Does XVAPE Offer?

So let’s take a closer look at what exactly makes XVape so great, what sets them apart from their competition, and what they have to offer. 

1. Great Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is what defines the quality of a vaporizer or e-rig. Equally, it’s what distinguishes the good from the extraordinary. We’re lucky enough to have tried our fair share of XVape units, and the vapor quality rivals the best and most lavish vaporizers on the market. Whether through the process of water filtration, a percolator, or an intricate professional design XVape never seem to disappoint in this regard. 

2. Innovative Design

XVape products have never failed to amaze regarding design and aesthetics. In fact, they’re up there with those most individual and impressive we’ve seen. 

Nothing quite epitomizes this aesthetic excellence like the XVape Vista Mini series. The original model is truly unique, while the second generation has elevated this experience even further. The design allows you to watch the magic unfold within the glass body of the unit. Users can view their vapor filter through the water, cooling, and smoothening before inhalation. 

Equally, the XVape portable vaporizers have taken vaping on the go to a whole new level of convenience. Their design features a mouthpiece that can rotate to compact itself into the unit while transporting it around to avoid breakages.

3. Hi-Tech Operation

When buying a vaporizer or electric dab rig we all want the most hi-tech model we can get our hands-on. Luckily, XVape produces exactly that as standard. 

Each product in the extensive XVape catalog boasts some great technical features that take their products to the next level. Think super-fast heat-up times, great battery life, full temperature control, and even wireless charging feature on certain models. 

4. Affordable Prices

The best thing about XVape, excluding the quality of their products, is the affordable prices at which they’re available. If contemplating the value for money, you’re unlikely to find better. 

We will have all heard the term ‘you get what you pay for, and this applies perfectly to XVape. 

Their range of vaporizers and e-rigs spans multiple different price points, catering something to all. The pricier of the products, while only within budget for some, easily justify their price point with their flawless performance.

Differences In Products

Portable Vaporizers

The XVape portable vaporizer range provides the best way to enjoy your dry herbs and concentrates on the go. These models, The XVape Fog and XVape Aria have proven favorites for many dry herbs and concentrate connoisseurs. 

In true XVape fashion, they combine aesthetics and performance to elevate user experiences. Their designs are portable, sleek, and discreet so you’ll be able to use them wherever you go. 

Electric Dab Rigs 

XVape showcase their best work with their electric dab rigs. In the XVape Vista Mini series, they’ve created a model that is amongst the most spoken about in the industry today. 

There’s no better way to enjoy your concentrates. 

Most Loved 

XVape Vista Mini 2

In the XVape Vista Mini 2, we’ve been blessed with the ultimate electronic dab rig. Aesthetically, it’s unique and sure to impress whoever comes across it. We place a lot of emphasis on aesthetics, but they aren’t everything. Luckily, the Vista Mini 2 has much more to offer. 

With an array of tech features such as wireless charging, temperature control, and water within the unit to filter the vapor, it rivals the best e-rigs on the market. 

XVape Starry V3

The XVape Starry V3 portable vaporizer is a great way to enjoy both your dry herbs and concentrates. 

In design, it’s super portable and features the revolving mouthpiece we mentioned earlier. Along with its sleek body, that’ll make transporting the Starry V3 around with you extremely simple and convenient. 

The Starry V3 features haptic feedback, various temperature options to choose from, and an LED screen display to show temperature and battery life. 

XVape Fog

The XVape Fog is a concentrate great. In function and design, it’s not too dissimilar to the Starry V3. The predominant difference between the two is the Fog’s compatibility with concentrates. 

Like the Starry V3, the Fog boasts multiple temperature options and a huge 2600mAh battery which surpassed expectations considering its size.