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Xvape Accessories 

Xvape has built up the reputation over the last decade for releasing incredibly high quality units at an affordable price. Along with their stunning, durable, and innovative vaporizers, they also offer a variety of different Xvape accessories that will elevate your next session. 

From handy cleaning kits to their quality water pipe adapters, Xvape has all the best accessories to make the most out of your vaporizer.

Affordable options for Xvape Accessories

Stocking up on all the best Xvape accessories for your vaporizer doesn’t have to get expensive. Just like their vaporizers, Xvape offers quite a few high quality accessories for all of their devices at incredibly low prices. 

If you enjoy using the Xvape Aria dual-use vaporizer but find that the mouthpiece gets a little too hot for your liking, consider picking up their Aria Silicone mouthpiece 5 pack for just $2.50.

These mouthpieces are made from high quality silicone, a material that does not absorb heat. So this mouthpiece will stay nice and cool no matter what. 

Keeping your Xvape device nice and clean is an absolute breeze with their cleaning set that includes one set of tweezers, one dab/loading tool, and one cleaning brush. This handy kit comes with most of the vaporizers that Xvape sells, but if you happen to misplace any of these tools or you just like to keep extras around the house, then pick up this super affordable Xvape cleaning set. 

The Xvape Fog vaporizer offers users quite the efficiency and longevity, but when you use the same vaporizer for a few months, there are parts that will need replacing no matter how well you keep up with the unit.

Luckily Xvape keeps the maintenance process super simple by offering a Fog assorted replacement pack which includes all the replacement parts for your Fog unit, including a mesh replacement screen, replacement seal rings, concentrate pads and a cleaning tool all for just $6!

Top picks of Xvape Accessories

Xvape has a few accessories that truly stand above the rest, offering the utmost convenience, style and durability. For starters, you can pick up their 14mm water pipe adapter designed for the Xvape Vital vaporizer to be used with any compatible glass bong or rig.

This Vital water pipe adapter allows for filtered rips using your favorite glass piece which is easier on your throat and lungs. 

One of the best features of the Xvape Starry V3 is the swappable 18650 batteries that eliminate the wait time of charging. The only downside to this is that upon purchasing the Starry device, you only receive one 18650 battery. Luckily, Xvape sells extra 18650 batteries separately, so that you can carry a spare that is fully charged to quickly swap out when the other dies. 

The Xvape V II vaporizer is crafted with a silicone mouthpiece that is great for not getting too hot. However, silicone can often affect the taste of the vapor which is a bummer for those that value flavor. Luckily, Xvape also offers a glass mouthpiece option since glass is the ideal material for preserving the flavor of your vapor.

Another top pick for Xvape accessories is the Xmax Starry silicone sleeve which offers extreme durability and convenience when traveling with your device. This protective sleeve protects the Starry from scratches and is much cooler to the touch. This sleeve has ventilation holes and a convenient holder for all your tools. Up your comfort level while using the Xmax Starry with this practical and efficient silicone sleeve.

What to look for in Xvape Accessories

Xvape strives to meet the needs of all their users by offering various convenient accessories that cater to their many different preferences. If you are struggling with your Xvape device getting too hot to hold or the mouthpiece getting too warm on your lips, consider picking up their silicone sleeve or mouthpieces. 

If you are someone who wants dense powerful vapor that has been filtered through water then check out their adapters that allow Xvape portable vapes to be used with any compatible bong or bubbler.

For users behind on the maintenance of their device and need replacement parts such as screens, mouthpieces, and atomizers Xvape has everything you need. When searching for Xvape accessories, make sure that you are selecting the correct piece for the device you have. 

Differences between all Xvape Accessories

It is important to understand the difference between all of the Xvape accessories since they are all designed for different functions and preferences. No one accessory is going to be compatible with every single Xvape unit so you will need to make sure you are purchasing the correct accessories. For example, Xvape accessories like glass bubblers, atomizers, coils and waxy cups are designed only for use with concentrates for dabbing. 

Xvape offers various accessories made from different materials in order to provide a different experience. Accessories made from ceramic or glass are designed for users that want to preserve the taste of their vapor. Silicone Xvape accessories are designed for comfort and preventing the unit from getting too hot to touch or put your lips on.

Lastly, some accessories are only designed for use with desktop units like the Vista Mini 2 and will not be compatible with any of the portable Xvape vaporizers. A couple examples of this would include the Mini Vista’s flared glass mouthpiece and carb cap.

Advantages of Xvape Accessories

  • Every Xvape device has a good variety of accessories available
  • All Xvape accessories are affordably priced
  • Xvape accessories made from high quality materials

Disadvantages of Xvape Accessories

  • Most Xvape accessories are replacement pieces
  • No accessories that allow the user to personalize their device


Q1. How do you clean Xvape fog?

Swab inside the chamber with a cotton swab lightly dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Separate the mouthpiece into three pieces and allow them to soak in isopropyl alcohol. Rinse, dry, reassemble and perform a burn off cycle on the Fog. 

Q2. Can you use Xmax Starry while charging?

The Xmax Starry has pass-through charging capability and can be safely used while the device charges.

Q3. How long does it take the Vista Mini 2 to charge?

The Vista Mini 2 takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge.

Q4. How to pack xvape fog?

Pack bowl with about 0.05g-0.25g of dry herb or use the concentrate pad if dabbing. Pack down herbs firmly but not too tight to allow for airflow.

Q5. How do I use Xvape Mini 2?

Charge the Xvape Mini 2, fill the bubbler, choose a temperature from the 4 presets, load a grain sized amount of concentrate into the heater, take a solid hit.


Xvape has quite the lineup of handy accessories that can provide the utmost comfort, durability, and efficiency for any one of their high quality devices. Like their vaporizers, Xvape’s many accessories are made from high-end materials and are all available at a super affordable price.