Best Dab Rig and E-Nails of 2022

Thanks to some amazing advancements in technology and some extremely passionate people, we’re spoiled for choices. What we’re faced with now, is a market filled with top-quality traditional dab rigs and e-nails. Whether portable or desktop, the caliber across the board is astounding. As a result, we’re able to consume concentrates in the most efficient ways imaginable.

With so many great options for dab rigs and e-nails all of which provide similar results, it’s hard to know what’s best for you. Based on ratings, top seller, and performance some of the top products are:

1. Dr. Dabber Switch

2. Puffco Peak Pro

3. XVape Vista Mini

4. Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig

5. Elite Plus Smart Rig

6. Puffco Peak

7. Kandypens Oura

8. Pulsar Hand-E Nail eRig V3

9. Dr. Dabber Diamond Perc Rig

10. Higher Standard Heavy Duty Dab Rig

We’ve seen just about every dab rig and e-nail around, so we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best. If you’re looking for a new addition to your collection, or maybe your entry point into the dabbing world, this list includes something for everyone.

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Dr. Dabber Switch


As far as electrical dab rigs go, the Dr. Dabber Switch has just about all they can offer regarding aesthetics and function. Dr. Dabber, as a brand, is renowned for creating some of the best quality vaporizers and dab rigs on the market today. 

The Dr. Dabber Switch is on the larger side, so it’s deemed by many to be more of a desktop than a portable option, but you’ll still be able to take it on the road with you if need be. With the bubbler, the Switch is 13-inches tall, so it’ll still fit into any bag. It’s expertly durable, and all the glass attachments are hand-blown borosilicate glass.

Key Features

Compatible with concentrates and dry herb

Dual functionality

25 temperature presets

5 presets per function

Pass-through charging

Induction heating technologies

Glass bubbler

Water filtration


As you’d probably have been able to tell, the Dr. Dabber Switch is just about everything you could want in an e-rig. From design to function, it’s flawless providing one of the best experiences we’ve ever seen. For this reason, it’s going to set you back a fair amount. It’s for the real connoisseurs out there, so if you’re looking for something luxurious then look no further.

Who Should Buy The Dr. Dabber Switch?

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a top-tier vaporizer. Is the ultimate choice for anybody who enjoys the finer things in life. With over 25 different temperature settings, you’ll have full control and flexibility over your experience. What’s even better, you’ll be able to effortlessly switch between vaping dry herbs or concentrates with the click of a button. With perfect vapor quality guaranteed, it’s well worth investing in!


Puffco Peak Pro


The original Puffco Peak changed the way we’ve viewed dabbing as a whole. The first time you lay your eyes on it, it will be obvious why….and that’s before even experiencing all of its amazing features. The same can be said for its fully upgraded successor, the Puffco Peak Pro.

Its design always was, and still is one of the most unique and minimalist on the market today. This is encapsulated by the strong, transparent borosilicate glass cone. The cone holds the water which filters the vapor produced by the concentrate before inhalation.

The Puffco Peak Pro stands at 7-inches tall with a 2.75-inch base. Don’t be fooled by these dimensions, it packs the punch or one of the best dab rigs of its kind. Where these dimensions come into play is in regards to portability. Due to its convenient size, it’s super easy to take around with you. It even comes with a stylish carrying case to ensure it’s kept safe while you do so!

The Puffco Peak Pro is known as one of the most innovative electronic dab rigs ever created. It provides the power of a traditional dab rig, with the precision and finesse that comes with the technology.

Key Features

Portable design

4 temperature settings: 232°C, 260°C, 288°C, 316°C

Sesh Mode

Wireless Charging

Bluetooth App

Stylish carrying case20-second heat-up time

Auto shut-off


As you would have expected after hearing all about the Puffco Peak Pro so far, it’s on the more expensive side. It’s one of the more luxury electric dab rigs on the market, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Who should buy the Puffco Peak Pro?

If you’re passionate about concentrates, believing they are the future, there’s no better option than the Puffco Peak Pro. There is nothing not to love. Its battery life is great, the design is stunning, and you won’t find smoother vapor.


XVape Vista Mini 2


The XVape Vista Mini 2 portable dab rig boasts a luxurious and compact beast in the dabbing game. It’s 14.6cm tall and weighs approximately 290 grams.

The body of the unit is made predominantly from borosilicate glass which holds a glass bubbler. It’s inside the bubbler that the diffusion of your vapor occurs, and provides you with smooth and flavorful vapor.

It’s available in black and silver, both of which provide a detailed and high-class finish. The XVape Vista Mini 2 is perfectly portable and sets the bar for dab rigs of this size.

So let’s get into what it is that makes the Vista Mini 2 so great.

Key Features

4 temperature settings: 280°C to 400°C

10 second heat-up time Smooth vapor

Wireless charging feature

Powerful 2000mAh battery

Borosilicate glass mouthpiece and bubbler


While the XVape Vista Mini 2 is smaller than the previous dab rigs we’ve looked at, it’s certainly as powerful. For something as small as the Vista Mini 2 you may not naturally expect a hefty price, however, this size is the ticket to freedom. You’ll never be restricted as to where it can go with you.

Who should buy the XVape Vista Mini 2?

The XVape Vista Mini 2 portable dab rig is suited to both veterans and novices of the dab world. It has been made extremely user-friendly, speedy, and durable to provide a portable dab experience of the highest quality. While the smaller size may not be suited to sharing around multiple people, it provides the ultimate personal dab companion.


Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig


The Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig has set the standard for all e-rigs industry-wide. It boasts a luxuriously unique aesthetic, standing at just 6.75-inches tall. This makes it the perfect portable electric dab rig for you to take with you on your travels.

The borosilicate glass filtration base is strong and transparent, meaning you’ll be able to watch the magic unfold before your eyes. The downstem disc percolator will filter and disperse the smoke before each hit you take. Expect pure bliss.

Key Features

Portable design perfect for on the go sessions

Disc percolator

30 second heat-up time

Rok Mode for continuous dabbing over 30 seconds

3 temperature settings

Compatible with concentrates and dry herbs


The Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig is most certainly not the cheapest e-rig on the market. It has become one of the most popular models on the market due to its unique design and expert vapor production. It’s fair to say, the price tag is justified by its quality in every aspect.

Who should buy the Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig?

The Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig is perfect for any concentrate fanatic out there. There’s no better way to enjoy your extracts in 2021. What’s more, the Rok e-rig is also compatible with dry herbs so you’ll be able to alternate between the two as and when you please.


Elite Plus Smart Rig

Key Features

10-inches tall

Temperatures ranging between 280 Fahrenheit to 800 Fahrenheit

3000mAh battery

50 uses per charge

3 different buckets: titanium, ceramic, and quartz

Compatible with concentrates

Water filtration for cooler hits

Flared mouthpiece

Elite Plus Smart Rig


The DabTech Elite Plus has provided the dabbing world with an unforgettable electronic dab rig. From design to function, you’re sure to be amazed. Considering the dedication that’s contributed to the quality vapor produced by the Elite Plus, as well as its build quality, it’s great value for money.

Who should buy the Elite Plus Smart Rig?

The Elite Plus Smart Rig by DabTech is a perfect choice for any concentrate connoisseur. It’s the perfect way to get the most from your concentrate. If you’re someone who enjoys dabbing on the go and at home, the Elite Plus will expertly cater to both of these needs. It’s got a great battery life and sturdy design meaning that no matter where you are, you’ll always be able to dab to your heart's content.


Puffco Peak


The Puffco Peak is the predecessor of the Puffco Peak Pro, which we’ve already seen on this page. It’s easy to see how the Pro model has been heavily inspired by its older brother.

The Puffco Peak is 7-inches tall, with a 2.75-inch base, so it’s identical to the Pro in size. It features the iconic glass peak, allowing users to see their vapor be produced and filtered before they take a hit.

Key Features

Perfectly portable at 7-inches tall

Compatible with concentrates

Water filtration

Borosilicate glass ‘Peak’

20 second heat-up time

4 temperature settings

Haptic feedback

Sesh Mode

Carrying case

LED lights


There’s a common conception that you get what you pay for. The Puffco Peak epitomizes this. It oozes quality and class, as well as versatility too. The Peak isn’t cheap, but the price is reflective of the quality of this masterpiece. If it’s within budget, it’s well worth it.

Who should buy the Puffco Peak?

The Puffco Peak is hands-down the most iconic of all the electronic dab rigs on the market. With one of the most innovative designs for a device of this kind, plus some amazing features that ooze luxury and extravagance it’s easy to see why. In terms of concentrate consumption, you’re unlikely to find a better portable companion than the Peak.


Kandypens Oura


The Kandypens Oura is one of the most innovative portable electric dab rigs on the market. Where it excels is where most devices fail. It perfectly takes on the role of delivering huge potent hits while being the perfect size to take around with you at only 18 centimeters tall.

The main body of the unit is made from zinc alloy and is available in a range of colors. It safely stores all electronic components of the Oura, keeping them separate from the glass bubbler which sits on top.

There’s a good reason for the acknowledgment acquired by the Kandypens Oura. It’s been crafted to create a beautifully user-friendly experience. It is button-less, and instead includes a touch sensor to turn the device on and off. Equally, it includes haptic feedback making the Oura vibrate when it’s ready to use.

Key Features

Temperature range between 26°C - 588°C

Touch sensor operation

Sesh Mode

Great for group sessions

60 minute charging time

40 minutes of continuous use per charge

Passthrough charging feature

Durable zinc alloy body

User-friendly experience


The Kandypens Oura is one of the very best e-nails available in 2021. Definitely on the pricier side, but that’s what to expect when you’re buying the best.

Who should buy the Kandypens Oura?

If you’re looking for something easy to use, that’ll get the most from your concentrate and deliver the best vapor then look no further. The Kandypens Oura is speedy, powerful, and looks flawlessly unique.


Dr. Dabber Diamond Perc Rig


So, we’ve already taken a look at what Dr. Dabber has to offer in terms of e-rig’s. Now let’s check out one of their traditional dab rigs.

The Diamond Perc Rig epitomizes everything we associate with perfection in a traditional rig. It stands at 13.5-inches tall, with a 3.75inch base which brings some stability to proceedings.

Any glass you find on Dr. Dabber products will be the finest quality borosilicate the market has to offer. It’s all hand-blown, transparent in color, and beautiful to look at. You’ll be able to view the entire process unfold within the Diamond Perc Rig - a sight you’ll never get sick of.

Being a traditional dab rig, it’s not going to include some of those hi-tech features found on e-nails. This by no means it shouldn’t be taken seriously. This dab rig does one thing and does so expertly.

Key Features

Strong borosilicate glass body

Stable and durable

Diamond percolator

Water filtration


For something this good, you’d expect to be laying out a fair amount. That’s only natural, after all, you get what you pay for. The Dr. Dabber Diamond Perc Rig is the best traditional style rig around. Not only is it aesthetically flawless, but it delivers quality that other rigs could only dream of.

Who should buy Dr. Dabber Diamond Perc Rig?

Don’t get us wrong, electronic dab rigs are all the craze right now, and for good reason too. There’s almost something ceremonial about traditional rigs, though. Having to manually heat your nail and use it to heat your concentrate, is all part of that ritual that many enthusiasts love.


Higher Standard Heavy Duty Dab Rig


With this dab rig, the clue is in the name. The Heavy Duty dab rig is about as heavy-duty as traditional rigs come. This comes from its compactness combined with its glass thickness.

Amazingly, the glass is 7mm thick while the unit itself is only 5-inches tall. Even the banger is made from borosilicate of this thickness which brings a luxurious feel to this rig.

That’s not all it brings, though. Sure, if you drop this rig over concrete it is going to smash. What glass thickness of this level does provide however is resistance against cracks and other everyday wear and tear.

No matter how experienced you are with dab rigs, you’ll know that the end goal is always smooth vapor. Typically, rigs can achieve this by filtering the concentrate vapor through water which in turn, cools it down.

Key Features

7mm thick borosilicate glass

Portable design

Multi-slit stem for maximum diffusion

Water filtration

Smooth hits

Collectors travel box


The Higher Standard Heavy Duty dab rig oozes class and luxury. Its quality and aesthetic give the aura of a true collector’s item. It’s made in the USA and is the epitome of the passion and dedication of the team at Higher Standard.

Who should buy Higher Standard Heavy Duty Dab Rig?

The Heavy Duty dab rig by Higher Standard is built for the connoisseurs out there. It’s compact, powerful, and effective. Its craft means airflow is perfect, minimizing drag and providing smooth hits. If you’re a fan of traditional rigs and are looking for that standout piece, this rig is a perfect choice. It even comes with a protective carrying case so you can take it with you wherever you go.

What Is A Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a smoking device designed specifically as a method of consuming cannabis concentrates. Dab rigs, in design, are similar to bongs. Unlike bongs, dab rigs vaporize the concentrate, whereas bongs are typically used with dry herbs. Dab rigs often include a water bubbler which acts in filtering the vapor through the water, cooling it, and making it smooth.

Different Types Of Dab Rig?

So, we know that dab rigs are a type of pipe designed for use with concentrates. While dab rigs are all designed for the same purpose, there are still different types of rigs. Dab rigs can vary in shape, size, and material. Traditional dab rigs require the user to light the name with a flame to heat the concentrate. Over recent years, we’ve seen electrical dab rigs, known as e-rigs, grow in popularity, too. 

Some of the different types of dab rig you’ll find in the Namaste Vaporizers catalog include: 

1. Traditional Dab Rigs

A traditional dab rig functions by using a torch to heat a nail, before placing the nail onto the concentrate to vaporize it. By placing a carb cap over the chamber you’re able to vaporize the concentrate completely, inhaling while doing so. Once the vapor is produced, it’s diffused and filtered through the water to smoothen and cool the vapor.

2. Electric Dab Rigs

Electric dab rigs have made dab fanatics lives’ even easier. E-rigs or e-nails use electricity to power the heating of the chamber that holds concentrates. They often have multiple temperatures and voltage settings to choose from, so you’ll have a complete sense of control and precision. Many electric dab rigs contain rechargeable batteries, elevating the portability and flexibility of the dabbing experience, too.

3. Silicone Dab Rigs

Silicone dab rigs most definitely have their perks. They’re essentially a traditional dab rig made with silicone rather than glass. Silicone is known for its incredible durability, making silicone dab rigs an ideal option for taking on the go with you.

4. Mini Rigs

Mini rigs are an awesome way to enable your dabs to travel anywhere with you for fans of traditional rigs. They’re often lighter and smaller too, increasing the portability factor compared to larger desktop options. It’s also understood that smaller rigs, due to holding less water, allow for a greater flavor profile to be preserved in your dabs.

5. Glass Dab Rigs

Glass is the most common material used for dab rigs. Glass provides a classy and luxurious aesthetic, also allowing users to watch their vapor filter through the water and up toward the mouthpiece. Glass also acts in cooling the vapor further in a much more effective way than silicone, for example.

Why Use Concentrates?

The consumption of concentrates has been a favorite for many enthusiasts for years now, and here’s why. They provide the purest and most potent experience on the market today. Not only this, the vapor they produce when vaporized is much more discreet than traditional smoking methods.

How Do Traditional Dab Rigs Work?

Traditional dab rigs function by placing concentrate in the chamber and heating the nail. Once the nail is heated by a blowtorch, you use it to begin vaporizing the concentrate. The vapor is passed through the rig, and often the water bubbler before you inhale.

What Is An Electric Dab Rig?

An electric dab rig can also be referred to as an e-rig or e-nail. They use electricity to heat the chamber to vaporize the concentrate. More often than not, an e-rig will have multiple temperature settings, all providing unique precise experiences. They will standardly contain a battery that can be charged, giving them portable capabilities too.

How Do Electric Dab Rigs Work?

The electric, and often portable, dab rigs function with a battery as the main source of power. You charge the battery which then powers the heating of your chamber. The principle is the same, however, there’s no combustion in this process and they’re more user-friendly than traditional rigs.

Difference Between Dab Rigs & E-nail

The main difference between a dab rig and an e-nail is how the chamber is heated. A traditional dab rig requires the user to heat the nail manually, often using a flame lighter. E-nails in comparison, use electricity to power the heating of the atomizer.

What is A Banger?

A banger is the part of a dab rig used to vaporize the concentrate. While bangers can vary in design and material, they’re most commonly glass or quartz. Other common materials include ceramic and titanium.

How To Use Dab Rig?

To get started with a dab rig, there are a few things to prepare. You’ll need to fill the glass bubbler of your rig with some water. After that, you’ll also need to make sure your chamber is filled with some concentrate. Now it’s time to heat the nail. By using a lighter you can heat the nail and place it on your concentrate to vaporize it.

How To Clean A Dab Rig?

Traditional dab rigs are super easy to keep clean and maintained. The main thing to do is ensure all residue is removed from the chamber in between sessions. Residue build-up will negatively impact the taste of your dabs, often causing an unpleasant burnt taste due to combustion occurring. Rinsing and washing all parts of the rig with isopropyl alcohol and warm water will help remove all residue and combat any staining, particularly in glass parts. E-rigs can be a little more complicated to clean due to the electric components in the unit, so they’ll need a little more care. They’ll all come with an instruction manual explaining how it’s done, so you’ll master it in no time.

How Much Is A Dab Rig?

The market for dab rigs is filled with multiple different options, all available at a full spectrum of prices. Our selection of dab rigs caters to something to all. Whether you’re a total newbie looking for a cheaper option to get started with, or a seasoned professional looking for the best rig out there, we’ve got something for you.

Different Sizes - Why Smaller Dab Rigs Are Better?

The size of a dab rig plays much more than simply a role in portability. I mean, it’s true, a smaller rig will be easier to transport around with you for on-the-go sessions. That’s not all though. The smaller the rig, the smaller the amount of water you’ll need to fill the bubbler. With less water, and a smaller area for the vapor in general, the more intense the flavor of your dabs.

Why Dab?

Dabbing has many benefits compared to more traditional methods that involve combustion. Dabbing causes the concentrate to be vaporized, rather than combusted. This means that dabbing poses less of a threat to lung health than smoking a joint or bong, for example. That’s not all, though. The nature of concentrates makes them extremely potent, and boasts a more intense and natural flavor compared to dried herbs.