Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2022

The 2022 landscape of dry herb vaporizers is more diverse than ever. But the best dry herb vaporizer will have a number of attributes that help it stand out in the catalogue of vaporizers. This could be any combination of things.

So what are the top dry herb vapes of the new year? Below is a compiled list of the best dry herb portable and desktop vaporizers of 2022.

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Best Overall Portable Vaporizer

the Mighty plus is the most reliable and advanced vaporizers on the market, and they come courtesy of Storz and Bickel, the pioneers of portable and desktop vapes. It is phenomenally powerful, hard to damage, and most of all, they give you all the quality vapor production you could ask for.



Advanced Hybrid Heating System

Using convection heating and conduction heating, you get the most efficiently cooked dry herb in your life. Adding to that, you get the best flavor, the best clouds, and the best experience, thanks to the best hardware!

The heating system may be the most crucial element of why the Mighty Vaporizers are so integral to the vaping market - and there have been many imitators, but Storz and Bickel still are unrivaled here.

Temperature Control

If you want a few more options for yourself, and want to handle it your way, there is an LED screen with precise temperature control for your preferences. Your Mighty will remember your last selection so you can comfortably settle into your preset temperature whenever you please.

Boost and SuperBoost

Boost mode hikes up your temperature a full 15° F, and the Mighty+'s SuperBoost feature will hike it up a sweltering 27° F. This makes for sessions that can take you where you need to quickly, and can also ensure you are using all of your dried herb.


1. Only portable vaporizer with a medical license

2. Easy to use

3. Most consistent vapor

4. Long battery life

5. Compatible with herb and wax


1. Bulky

2. Very expensive

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Most Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

The portability of the Davinci Miqro is perhaps its most contradictory attribute; this vape is small, but it packs a punch. And do not take our word for it, just ask anyone; the DaVinci Miqro is a hot seller for a reason!

The DaVinci Miqro offers great discretion and can be taken with you on the go wherever. Add in the versatility, the array of colors, along with SmartPath and Boost Mode, and you have yourself a great vaporizer.


DaVinci Miqro

Discretion and Stealth

The Miqro could pass as a USB stick, a makeup tool, a small compartment - but no matter what it passes as, people probably will not even notice anyway. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the Miqro  is meant for discretion and subtlety, blending in the wallpaper wherever you go.

SmartPath and Boost Mode

Options never hurt, and Miqro has the option of SmartPath and Boost Modes. SmartPath gives you the ability to control the range of your session within a set preset that you choose yourself. And Boost Mode is great for rapid heat up times during sessions. 


1. Discretion and stealth

2. Versatility With Herbs and Waxes

3. Color options


1. Short battery life

2. Weak Vapor Production

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Best Quality and Discretion

The Pax, a line of vaporizers that has been an industry staple from the very beginning. It is a top seller, due to its quality, its discreet look, and overall luxurious twist on on an industry not exactly associated with luxury in the strictest sense of the word.

Make no mistake, the Pax 3 may be the best vaporizer that you can bring anywhere with you with its combination of quality and discretion.



High quality materials

Aluminum and metal make up the body of your Pax 3, making it resemble a high end product from Apple or Samsung, and the minimalist design makes the LED light function pop even more. This is not a cheaply made product, and you can tell.


This is a subtle, stealthy vaporizer, that does not make any grand entrance or effort to introduce itself, making it the ultimate travel companion.

Bluetooth function and dual function

Another part of the very efficient Pax 3 is the bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to unlock new "privileges" and temperature controls remotely.

In addition, the Pax 3 gives you the privilege of not just enjoying your dry herbs, but your waxes and concentrates as well.


1. Concentrate and dry herb compatible

1. Slim design

3. Simple to use


1. Not the best with concentrates

2. Can get hot throughout the session

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Best Beginners vaporizer

The XMax Starry V3 has the beginner vaper in mind with its ceramic material, ease of operation, smooth vapor quality, easy temperature settings, and an overall user friendly mindset is what makes this one of the best starter portable vapes.


Xmax Starry V3

Ceramic Heating For Flavorful vapor quality

Not one to just stop at regular conduction heating, the folks at XMax gave the Starry V3 a ceramic heating chamber. This pays dividends for flavor, vapor quality, and overall satisfaction with your session.

You will notice, if you are a beginner, how often ceramic type chambers are pitted against metallic or plastic ones. You will soon see the benefits of a ceramic chamber!

Removable Battery

Boy is this a relief for anyone - even seasoned users - who uses a vaporizer. The presence of a battery that can be removed on your own volition is a welcome development. This increases the longevity of your vape, and allows you freedom and ownership.


This vaporizer is small, subtle, and fits in the palm of your hand, with very simplistic buttons and activation controls. You can use the up and down buttons for precise temperature control, and you will enjoy the LED screen with readable progress on temperature and battery life.


1. Easy to use

2. Precise temperature control

3. Water pipe adaptability

4. Compact


1. semi smelly

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Best Battery Life

There's only one vaporizer that comes to mind when thinking of the battery life, the Arizer Solo2. This vaporizer is like a workhorse, it can last up to 3 hours on a single charge and even when it dies it allows for pass through charging so you’ll never have to stop vaping!


Arizer Solo 2

Extended Battery Life

This is a bigger, dense, more powerful battery than one would be used to for a vape this size. This 3500 mAh battery is sizable and in it for the long haul; so much so that even those of us who prefer higher temperatures will still be pleased with it.

The Arizer Solo II's battery gives up to 3 hours of continuous use, and that is more than enough for the serious vapers out there.

All Glass Vapor Path

Worries about taste can be put to rest with the Solo II's vapor path, which goes from the ceramic cup all the way to the mouthpiece, all in borosilicate glass. Since glass provides a natural base for vapor to travel through, there will be no metallic after taste.

Pass Through Charging

We always have to point out the pass through charging - because everyone prefers a vape that they can quickly charge up and use without too much of a hassle. Not all vapes have this, and removing it from the list of pains is a relief.


1. Long battery

2. Very well built and reliable

3. Can use with a bong

4. Quick heat up time


1. Bulky

2. Bad draw resistance

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Best desktop vaporizer

For over 20 years now Storz and Bickel has been improving the quality and functionality of the beloved Volcano and the hybrid is no different. It offers both the whip and balloon, fats heat up, a long lasting build, and hybrid heating system. The Volcano is the standard of all desktop vaporizers.


Volcano Hybrid

Quick heat up

The Volcano has a temperature range between 104°F - 446°F. For being such a monster the Volcano Hybrid surprised everyone with its fast heat up time. Taking between 1-2 minutes to reach its highest temperature it is only double that of the much smaller portable vaporizers, while other desktop vaporizers can take up to 3 minutes to reach their highest temperature.

Design quality

Storz and Bickel can do no wrong when it comes to their German engineered vaporizers. Each new release of the Volcano has always been an upgrade and the Hybrid is no different. Built with stainless steel and a new LED display the volcano hybrid is made to last you a lifetime. Now compatible with the whip and the traditional balloon you will be able to vape out of whichever method you prefer.


1. Hybrid heating system

2. 3 year warranty

3. Excellent vapor quality

4. Built to last


1. Very expensive

2. Air pump is pretty noisy


Best Budget desktop vaporizer

Arizer already makes great portable vaporizers and their desktop ones are no different. The Extreme Q is equipped with the use of the whip and balloon and is great for group gatherings at half the price of the Volcano still with great vapor production.


Extreme Q Vaporizer

Remote control

It comes equipped with a full LED display on the front of the machine as well as a remote operating system. This allows you to turn on your device from across the room and adjust any temperature setting you may want. It has temperatures from 122°F-500°F which gives a lot of variance between your likings, also coming with a whip and balloon so you can pick your favorite way to vape.

Dense clouds

Getting dense clouds will, of course, depend on the temperature you set your device at but even at a medium temperature, you can have big dense clouds without having to sacrifice flavor. The Extreme Q uses convection heating which allows for the hot air to pass through all of the herbs. You will be able to see this as the herbs go into the cyclone bowl instead of in an oven, which allows for a more even heat on your herb delivering great flavor.


1. Precise temperature control

2. Excellent price

3. Great tasting vapor 4. Lifetime warranty on the battery


1. No valve on the bag

2. Frequently cleaning glass parts

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Best Budget vaporizer

the CF Vaporizer by Boundless is a portable dry herb vaporizer meant for daily, easygoing, chilled out hits. This is a great, affordable option for vaporizer fans of any experience who want portability and easiness without low quality material.


Boundless CF Vaporizer

5 Temperature Settings

Options are great, and the Boundless CF has them. 5 temperature presets are what you get with the Boundless, and these begin at 355° F. Increasing by 15 increments, you end up with a high temperature of 415° F. Just hit the power button twice to get where you want to go.

Large Oven

One of the most frustrating things for many dry herb vape pen fans is the issue of packing their herbs into a tiny, annoying oven. In the middle of a session, you may realize it does not taste right, or that you over packed. 

Not so with the Boundlesss CF. The oven can fit a half gram of dried herbs inside of it, making it one of the highest capacity ovens at this price point. 

Hybrid Heating

With the inclusion of a high quality hybrid heating system that utilizes convection and conduction, you are getting the kind of technology from your vaporizer that ensures your sessions are high quality and tasty. 

This means faster heat up times and a far more efficient heating method overall. Your dried herbs are heated evenly and uniformly. 


1. Hybrid heating

2. Low Price

3. Large Bowl

4. Easy to Use


1. larger than other portable vapes

2. No milky clouds

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Best Vape Pen

Vape pens are sometimes overlooked for no good reason, but they are always deserving of being in your collection. A first for DynaVap, the M is its first edition of stainless steel pen vaporizers, and it feels serious when you pick it up in your hand.

The uniqueness of the M is that it requires a torch, but on the other hand, no battery. This is a pen that can last with you forever.


DynaVap M

Torch and Enjoy

Bet you thought this would be like any pen right? Well, no button to push and no switch to hit, simply use the included torch that comes with your M kit and heat up your dry herb chamber that way. The hits are great with this pen.

Batteries Not Needed!

No need for a recharge with the Dynavap M, everything on this is manual! Be sure to consult your instructional manual for detailed, cogent instructions on how to enjoy and maintain this pen, and enjoy the fact that your stainless steel pen can last however you want it to!


1. Extremely portable

2. No batteries needed

3. Water pipe connectivity


1. Learning curve

2. Can burn your herb

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Best Value Vaporizer

The PAX 2 hits the sweet spot. It performs like a high end vaporizer with excellent vapor production and a long lasting battery, but at a budget friendly price.


Pax 2

Lip sensing technology

The lip sensing technology in the PAX 2 is here to save your battery and your herb. The lip sensing tech will allow the device to know when you are drawing from it and when you are not. When you are drawing from it it will keep your device at the preferred temperature you set it to. When you are not drawing from it the device will cool down slightly to not burn your herb and save the battery.


The Pax 2 is probably one of the smallest portable vaporizers on this list. Standing at only 4 inches tall it is completely discreet as it fits in your hand without drawing attention. It is perfect for on-the-go or any outdoor activity due to the size. Even though it is on the smaller size you are still able to get 8-10 sessions out of it on a single charge.


1. Simple to use

2. Long battery life

3. Durable

4. Sleek design


1. Long charge time

2. Uses up a lot of herbs

3. Regular screen cleaning

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Best Flavor Production

What makes for good flavor? Proper hardware, efficient cooling, & good controls. No vaporizer can really nail all of these things, but the Firefly 2+ comes close. It has the necessary hardware, as well as a personalized interface where you can decide what kind of session you like.


Firefly 2+

Ceramic Chamber

Ceramic chambers are famous for their ability to maintain the best flavor, faring far better than stainless steel, metal, silicone, or plastic parts that fit better into a computer than a portable dry herb vape.

Convection heating

The aforementioned chamber gets a workout here with a blast of convection heat. The ceramic chamber gets to work its magic here, as the blast of hot air does not leach onto the chamber itself, instead evenly heating your herbs and giving you delicious vapor.


1. Fast Charging

2. Fast heat up time

3. Easy to Clean

4. Discreet

5. Removable batteries


1. Scratches easily

2. On the pricier side

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Final Thoughts

The dry herb vaporizer world has been growing and with it new technology is put into the vaporizers. No matter what your needs are there is sure to be a dry herb vaporizer for you; whether it is a small portable one or a larger one, if you want large clouds or better tasting vapo, it could be a long lasting one or a fast charging one. The options are endless when it comes to vaporizers and what they can offer you. As you have seen there are vaporizers for every need, so pick the most important features to you and enjoy your next vaporizer.


Q1: What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers are electronic devices that heat up your dry herb to a point where it releases the vapor without cumbusting the herb.

Q2: What is Dry Herb Vape Pen?

A dry herb Vape pen is a smaller dry herb vaporizer that usually come with coins instead of a bucket heating chamber and are much smaller, looking more like a pen.

Q3: Difference Between Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer?

The difference between dry herb and concentrate vaporizers is that dry herb concentrate vaporizers are used for dry herbs and are usually programmed to have lower temperature settings. Concentrate vaporizers are for concentrate only and use a different heating system, usually coils or a quartz coil less atomizer. When vaping concentrates you need a much higher temperature to ensure the concentrate melts completely.

Q4: How Much does a Dry Herb Vaporizer Cost?

Dry herb vaporizers vary in price due to what they offer. If they are larger desktop vaporizers they can be anywhere upwards of $300 and above. If it is a simple portable vaporizer anywhere between $100 - $300 is normal to see anything below $100 are usually vape pens.

Q5: How Does vaping differ from smoking?

A dry herb vaporizer works by using conduction and/or convection heating to heat up your herb without combusting it. When you smoke you need to use an open flame on your dry herb, this causes combustion and burns your herb rather than warming it and allowing all of the flavors to come through without all of the terpenes.

Q6: How To Improve the Vapor Quality?

There are a few ways to improve your vapor quality. You will first want to ensure that you have a clean vaporizer, this will make a world of difference doing a constant cleaning. The higher temperature the more potent it will be, but you will be risking the flavor, so if flavor is what you are searching for you will want to have your vaporizer at a lower temperature.

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