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Best Vaporizers by Price

The price of a Vaporizer varies depending on build quality, brand, heat time, chamber material, battery life, cloud quality and flavour. The choice of vape comes down to personal preference. At Namaste Vapes, we have come up with the best vaporizers in four price ranges, meaning that no matter what your budget is we're sure to have a Vaporizer for you.

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Best Vapes Under $100

TThere were a number of decent quality contenders for best Vapes under $100 - here's our picks:

Best Vapes Under $150

The PAX 2 is still arguably one of the finest portable vaporizers on the planet despite the Pax 3 stealing its limelight, however you will be doing well to find a better Portable Vape for a better price! For Desktop, you will find it hard to beat the Arizer V Tower Vaporizer for quality and value for money. Rounding off the top 3 is the Flytlab Lift which is winning fans everywhere!

Best Vapes Under $200

The Pax 3 is one of the best vapes in the world, and at it's new lower price it's an absolute steal! Also included here is the Arizer Solo which is from the popular Canadian company market and again we see the ever impressive Boundless back again.

Best Vapes Over $200

The Mighty is amazing value right now closely followed by the Volcano Digit. These have been the desktop vapes can't be matched or beaten. For portable, we stick to the Arizer Air 2, Firefly 2, and the amazing DaVinci IQ as the favorites in this price range.

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