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Pax Labs

Pax vaporizer are renowned the world over as one of the most efficient and intuitive brand of vaporizers currently on the market. They’re one of the few companies who know how to draw out a very pure tasting vapor while using a full conduction system.

Pax brought out the Pax 3 in November of 2016 and quickly dominated the market. The Pax 2, however, is still around and is still many peoples favourite vaporizer. Why, you may ask? Since the Pax 3 came out, the Pax 2 has undergone many significant price drops and you can now get it at a fraction of what it originally sold for. A budget vape that once cost high-market prices.


Shatterizer have stormed onto the scene with an amazing vaporizer that shares their company name. The Shatterizer is one of the smallest vapes we’ve ever seen, and for a concentrate vape, considering the competition, that’s no small statement. Very powerful. Has a good weight to it and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Each one also comes with a magnetic little wax storage container which attaches to the bottom.

The dome top now comes in three variants. Borosilicate glass as well as black and silver aluminium variants. These well made domes are perfect for creating big, potent clouds. These tops also have the wonderful bonus of being shock-proof. With the domed top, you can really see your concentrates get to work.


Arizer is the least kept secret of Canada, and for good reason. These guys are experts at making herbal flower vaporizers. Arizer builds their vaporizers around convection heating systems, which is considered the best type of heat for drawing a more satisfying, toasty flavor out from your herbs. All of their portable models are either full convection or at the very least, hybrid.

The fact that so many of their models are also portable is amazing when you consider how much tech and power goes into a full convection oven. Their latest vaporizer is the Arizer Argo, which is the most pocket-friendly vaporizer from them yet.

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