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🕒 Deals are live on May 1st (Midnight EST) end on May 30th, 2020.

Flash Sale Limited Time Offer 60% OFF

SAVE 60% off with code FAB60

Storz & Bickel up to 24% OFF

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Arizer up to 30% OFF

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SAVE 25% off with code NV25

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DaVinci Save up to 30% OFF

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SAVE 20% off with code NV20

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Boundless up to 35% OFF

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Grenco Science 35% OFF 

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Ghost MV1 10% OFF 

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Black Mamba Save 35% OFF 

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Kandy Pens 20% OFF

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Hydrology 9 20% OFF

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Grinders 30% OFF Popular Brands 

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