Best Portable Vaporizers of 2022

We've combined customer reviews, staff reviews, plus our sales & search history to give you the top 10 portable vapes of 2022. Check them out below. We've pulled that data from 3 of the leading online stores known to man to find out which were the best sellers and why?

But here at Namaste Vaporizers, we wanted to analyze some of the commonalities between what users consider the best attributes of a portable dry herb vaporizer, and compare it to the category's top sellers.

To do this, we have compiled a list of our top selling portable dry herb vaporizers, updated for this year, with some details about what to expect, as well as highlighting the strengths and enticing attribute about each product.


1. PAX 3

The Pax 3 is a top selling, sleek, portable vaporizer with a minimalist design and hardware that packs a true punch. With a simple, uncluttered interface, sleek exterior, and key updates that make it a welcome update from its predecessor, the high demand for the Pax 3 is justified.

In fact, not even some of the most intricate and high quality desktop dry herb vaporizers get as much fanfare as the Pax 3. The battery life, precise temperature control, and conduction heating chamber make this a stellar portable dry herb vape pen.

Bluetooth Compatibility

While you may feel as though bluetooth and an accompanying smart phone app are hardly necessary, you will feel differently once you see what the perks of using these tech tools can do for you while using the Pax 3. The app is available in the Google store, and an iOS web app.

We will get to the temperature control aspect shortly, but the best part about the bluetooth connection is the ability to remotely control and calibrate your experience. Very few portable dry herb vaporizers have this particular perk, so we have to mention it as a major strength.

Dual Action Versatility

While the default action for the Pax 3 is with dry herbs, there is a concentrate attachment that you can purchase separately. This is great because of the Pax's already considerable quality as a portable vaporizer.

The vapor quality in a product like Pax tends to be pretty significant, and diversifying the experience and the method by introducing concentrates can make the Pax one of your most treasured products.


Discrete and silent operation

The most beautiful of all the portable vaporizers

Haptic feedback

Can vape both herb and concentrate

Precision temperature control

Bluetooth Compatibility

Dual action versatility


Dual use with dry herbs and concentrates

True pocket size

Huge 10-year warranty


Clouds are not super thick

Can get warm to the touch throughout use

The flat mouthpiece can be awkward to use


2. Mighty Plus

We just cannot quit the industrial, powerhouse methods of Storz and Bickel! The Mighty Plus (stylized as Mighty+) is no exception. Building on the massive success of the original Mighty, this iteration is sure to impress.

The new ceramic heating chamber and battery are just some of the things you can look forward to, but as always, the real appeal will be with the impressiveness of the vapor quality.

Ceramic Heating Chamber

There was nothing wrong with the stainless steel chamber of the original Mighty, but Storz & Bickel knew that they could go further.

As a result, you now get a ceramic heating chamber from the Mighty Plus, ensuring optimal flavor and fully even keeled hits.

Improved Exterior

On first glance you may think that the Mighty Plus is just as chunky and industrial as its other Storz and Bickel cousins.

While that may be true, it is lighter, smoother, and easier to handle, and this is a welcome development after the original Mighty felt so bulky.

Key Features

Extremely easy-to-use

New Ceramic heating

Improved Encasing

Better battery

Passthrough Charging


Allows for precise temperature control

Uses hybrid heating

New usb-c charging


One of the most expensive potable vaporizers

Large portable vaporizer

Long charge time


3. PAX 2

The predecessor to the Pax 3 is nothing to avoid or sneeze at. Even if the Pax 3 made some improvements, the Pax 2 remains a top seller to this day. The Pax 2 employs lip sensing technology and an auto cooling system to ensure this produces delicious vapor.

The kit itself comes with cleaning brushes, replaceable mouthpieces, and everything that any vape fan would need in order to feel as though they are getting the right experience.

Remarkable 2-hour battery life

For a product of its tiny build. The Pax 2 really does go a long way. You get 2 hours out of the thing. It is smaller than a power bank! This is all thanks to the clever onboard computer that has an auto-cooling feature as well as the nifty little lip sensing technology feature that has become synonymous with the word Pax.

Isolated Airpath

The isolated air path factor all but ensures that you will be getting the best quality vapor from your Pax. The chamber is stainless steel, and with the heating system interlinked to the chamber and air path, you are always getting great quality hits.

Key Features

Four unique temperature settings

Smartphone app for extra functionality

A massive upgrade from the Pax 1

Lip and Touch sensing technology

Auto cooling


Easy to use

Extremely compact

Completely isolated airpath


Gets warm to the tough after continuous use

Needs to be cleaned regularly to keep a good flavor

Leaves a bit of a smell when in use


4. Arizer Solo 2

Opting for true compactness and portability, Arizer has given us an update of their Solo, this time with key improvements that are sure to satisfy previous customers.

Among these are an improved battery life and auto shut off, but the nitty gritty attributes of the Solo 2 are what make it an entry on this list.

All Glass Vapor Path

Sure, you can spot the borosilicate mouthpiece jutting out from the exterior of the Arizer Solo 2. But that is not the only part that is all glass on this particular vape.

Indeed, everything from the chamber to the pathway are fashioned in borosilicate glass, so that dreaded metallic flavor is never going to happen.

Hybrid Heating

The Solo 2 uses a hybrid heating system, meaning you are getting both conduction heating and convection heating.

Both of these heating methods are quite effective even in isolation. But while their strengths and weaknesses may cancel each other out, the collaborative effort between both of them means the best vapor quality you could ask for.

Key Features

As simple as it gets - but does the job well

Powerful battery performance - up to 3 hours

Heats up in just 30 seconds

Excellent value for money


Water pipe adaptability

Precise temperature settings

Top notch vapor quality


A bulkier portable vape

Smaller bowl means more reloading

Glass stem can sometimes get loose


5. The Mighty Vaporizer

When you take your first look at the mighty, the gothic, industrial look of the vaporizer body will immediately let you know that this particular vape stands out in a category of its own.

Industry behemoths Storz & Bickel are responsible for the Mighty's magic, and they leave no stone unturned when it comes to crafting the consummate portable vaporizer. Flavor, thick plumes, plus durability and reliability make this one of the most sought after vapes.

Precise Temperature Setting

Just beneath the display screen you will find up and down buttons, allowing you to adjust temperature controls with mere 1 degree increments.

The temperatures range from 104° F to 410° F. For mellower hits, stick to the bottom half of the temperature settings, and go higher for more marked intensity.

Hybrid Heating System

One of the best things about the Mighty is its ability to heat dried herbs and waxes in the most efficient way possible. It boasts both conduction and convection heating systems.

Conduction heats particles via direct contact with the oven chamber. Convection style heat does so with a blast of scorching air to vaporize the particles.

Both of these styles have their strengths and weaknesses. But taken together, they provide the most efficient way of heating your dried herbs and concentrates.

Key features

Iconic design from Storz and Bickel

Excellent battery life

Perfect vapor production

Hybrid Heating System

Precise temperature controls


Fantastic vapor quality

Durable design

Full temperature flexibility


A lot of individual parts to clean

One of the more expensive vaporizers

Not pocket friendly


6. The Crafty+

Ah, Storz and Bickel - the Apple or Tesla of the vaping world. Okay, maybe that is just a loose comparison, but the point stands. Storz and Bickel is a manufacturer like no other, consistently pumping out amazing products like this one, the Crafty Plus.

The Crafty Plus is a handheld, but extremely efficient and powerful vaporizer with a hybrid heating system, improved energy efficiency, airflow, and a sizable packing chamber.

Hybrid Heating

This dry herb vaporizer brings with it the renowned Storz and Bickel signature of hybrid heating. The Crafty Plus boasts conduction and convection heating with its design. Conduction is direct contact with the particles, while convection vaporizers with a blast of air.

Smartphone App

The Storz & Bickel app features the Crafty in an exclusive way - giving you unparalleled power and choice over your settings and temperature preferences, and getting great sessions in the end. Just download the app via Google Play or access it from a browser app if you are using iOS.

The app and the browser option are bluetooth enabled, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy your sessions with the Crafty Plus in the way you want to.

Key Features

Smartphone app-enabled

Incredible vapor cloud production

The most advanced portable vaporizer from Storz and Bickel

Smaller size than the Mighty


Strong Vapor production

Can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates

Easy to travel with vaporizer


No precise temperature control

Battery life could be better

Still one of the top priciest vaporizers on the market


7. Firefly 2+

We’re in the era of smartphones. Let’s embrace them! The Firefly 2+ is both user-friendly and classy. Just what you need to prove that you are making great choices. This is not just for vaporizer aficionados, it is affordable and perfect for beginners.

A great step-up

The Firefly 2+ is in a big hurry to fill you up with delicious smooth clouds. It has an ultra-fast convection heating system that fires up your herb until the stratosphere in only 3 seconds. We couldn’t believe it either. Thanks to its isolated airpath, you are getting super flavor. Once you get used to the various heat settings, you will fall in love with the hits from the Firefly 2+.

Palm-sized and stylish

The Firefly 2+ is both compact and classy. You can easily fit it into any pocket. Feeling funky? It’s time to customize and choose which finish you like. There are plenty to choose from; Jet black, blue, oak, and zebra wood to name a few. The Firefly 2+ doesn’t necessarily resemble a vaporizer. This makes it discreet and easy to conceal.

Key Features

Convection heating system

Heats up in just 3 seconds

Available in multiple finishes

Discrete Easy to maintain


Fantastic tasting vapor

Open airflow

Quick and easy to clean


Learning curve

Herbs need to be stirred throughout the session

Not suitable to larger groups


8. The DaVinci IQ 2

With the DaVinci IQ2, you get an assortment of unique features that you are not often going to see in the vaping world. Dual compatibility for one, but also an adjustable heating chamber and an adjustable air dial for maximum satisfaction.

Following a series of products that have only grown in popularity, the IQ2 is a great example of what the DaVinci line can do.

Adjustable Heating Chamber Size

The issue of overpacking or underpacking is somewhat skirted by the IQ2, and users have taken note.

Now you can take control of your sessions in a new way by being able to adjust the oven of your portable vape pen.

Take full control of your session

The IQ2 provides you with the privilege of enjoying absolute control over your vape experience thanks to its unique dosing control system. You can input the THC and CBD content of your bud. This allows you to know exactly how many milligrams you are consuming. Perfect for medical patients and recreationally too.

Key Features

A significant upgrade from the IQ

Oven capacity of up to 0.5g

Zirconia ceramic airpath for extra taste

Colossal 10-year warranty

Stealth mode for a low-key session


Adjustable air flow dial

Removable batteries

Very quick heat up time


Zirconia pear can be easily lost

Has a slow charge time

Needs constant cleaning


9. XVape Fog Pro

One of the best things we can say about the XVape Fog pro is its ethical design, with attention to detail, safety, and overall clean aesthetic luxury. This is a portable vaporizer for the stylish user, and the one who prides themselves on good taste - literal and figurative.

With dual compatibility with dried herb and wax concentrates, an updated encasing, and a detachable battery, this is a quality portable vaporizer that gives you both simplicity and luxury.

Removable Battery

Ah, the luxury of a removable battery! Anyone who is even a moderate fan of vaping products knows that having a removable battery means far less of a headache.

A removable battery means that you have license to own your device for as long as you want, merely updating the battery along way.

Temperature Calibration

The original Fog only had 5 temperature presets, limiting users on their session and making it more difficult for them to find a sweet spot.

Not so with the Fog Pro, which has a temperature capability spanning from 212° F to 428° F, adjustable in 1° increments.

Key Features

Removable battery

Heats up in 60 seconds

No plastic or silicone

dual-use vaporizer


Ultra portable

Removable/replaceable batteries

Nice tasting vapor


Short battery life

LED lights can be hard to read

Does not produce dense clouds


10. The Boundless CF

Industry legends Boundless have pulled their weight when it comes to portable, industrial looking and strong vaporizers that are easy to use and come at a respectable price point without sacrificing any power or quality.

The Boundless CF follows the same pattern as some of the Storz and Bickel products, giving you brilliant plumes of vapor with great taste and a rapid fire, efficient set of hardware attributes that make this vape worthy of being a best-seller.

Significant Hardware Upgrades

Do not underestimate the Boundless CF. It has an output of 80w, and this puts it on the same level as those desktop dry herb vaporizers that are so known for their quality and power.

What does this mean for you? It means the speediest heat up times and the fluffiest, most satisfying vapor.

Integrated Memory Function

The CF has an onboard computer that cleverly stores information. This enables the device to remember your previous settings and stick to them. The device has many functions to choose from including 5 temperature presets and a stealth mode. To top things off, this device can be used with both dry herb and concentrate; it is dual-use!

Key Features

Yet another fantastic hybrid device

Similar in size and performance to the Crafty but much cheaper

Great taste and vapor production

Stylish wavy design to radiate excess heat

Five active temperature presets


Hybrid heating thoroughly heats your herb

Fully isolated airpath

Small and discreet


Preset temperature settings

Battery life is short lived

Does not have haptic feedback

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