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10" Fixed Downstem Beaker w/ Color Lip

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Intro- Glasslab 303 10” Fixed Downstem Beaker with Color Lip

Based in Denver Colorado, Glasslab 303 is a company that specializes in crafting high quality scientific glass that has an artistic twist. Their design team personally handpicks raw materials and American color rods for all of their products. 

The Glasslab 303 Fixed Downstem bong has a classic lab beaker design with a large sturdy base and a long skinny neck that properly cools smoke before it enters your mouth and even includes an ice catcher.

Featuring a fixed downstem, this bong efficiently diffuses smoke through the water and wont clank around as you carry it. The Glasslab 303 beaker bong uses all American, 5mm thick glass that is both durable and stunning. Glasslab 303 also adds a splash of color to this piece with a colored glass wrap at the mouthpiece. 

Top 3 Glasslab 303 10” Fixed Downstem Beaker Bong Features

Classic Beaker Design

The Glasslab 303 10” Bong features a classically efficient lab beaker design that we all know and love, with a wide base and long skinny neck. The broad base of this bong gives it a great level of stability and sturdiness, while the long neck allows the smoke more time to cool down before entering your mouth.

This Glasslab 303 beaker bong is made with 5mm thick glass with colored glass lip wraps that add a dash of color to every piece. Every Glasslab 303 Downstem Beaker Bong includes a Colorado Certified gold label that ensures every user authenticity and quality control. 

Ice Catcher/Splash Guard

This glass beaker by Glasslab 303 includes an ice pinch section in the long neck that serves two purposes. First, it allows the users to fill the tube of the beaker bong with ice cubes for nice and smooth hits. This little pinch on the tube of the bong is also a great splash guard for less messes. 

Fixed Downstem

A downstem helps provide suction which pulls the smoke into the water and diffuses the smoke before it enters your mouth, allowing for nice and smooth hits. A fixed stem means that the stem is built into the bong and cannot be moved around or taken out. The fixed downstem of the Glasslab 303 Beaker Bong allows the user more portability since the stem won't be clanking around against the bong as you carry it and is far less likely to break as you transport it. 

How to Use Glasslab 303 10” Fixed Downstem Beaker

The Glasslab 303 Fixed Downstem beaker operates pretty similar to any other glass bong you’ve seen before. This Glasslab 303 beaker bong is packed with features that allow the bong to perform efficiently so that you’ll never have to work too hard for high quality smoke. 

1. How to Operate Glasslab 303 10” Fixed Downstem Beaker

Begin by properly grinding up your herbs so that they can cook evenly within the bowl and deliver the best smoke possible. This means that the grind must be fine, but not too fine to where the herb is falling through the bowl into the stem.

Fill the bong with water so that the downstem is submerged in water but not too far past that. Load up your bowl with the ground herb, place your lips on the inside of the mouthpiece, light the bowl with a lighter or e-nail and once the chamber has filled up with smoke to your liking, remove the bowl and clear the chamber.

2. How to Get Cool Hits From Glasslab 303 10” Fixed Downstem Beaker

There’s always a few different ways you can guarantee cool hits from your bong in every session. First of all, keep your bong in tip top shape and perform regular cleanings every few weeks depending on your use. If there is residue stuck in the bowl, this will drastically affect the airflow and quality of your smoke.

This also means keeping the water you are using to diffuse your smoke clean and replacing it often. Lastly, this bong features an ice catch which makes it perfect for filling the neck of the bong with ice for the coolest hits you’ve ever experienced. 

3. How to Clean Glasslab 303 10” Fixed Downstem Beaker

Like it’s operation, cleaning the Glasslab 303 bong is not too different from any other bong on the market. Take the bowl out from the bong and soak it in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours, give it a good scrub to get rid of residue, then rinse well with warm water.

Empty the dirty water from your GlassLab 303 beaker bong through the mouthpiece and replace it with an isopropyl alcohol and salt solution. Cover all holes of the bong like the mouthpiece and where the bowl was, then shake vigorously. Repeat this process until the bong is clean, then rinse well with water. 

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Glass Lab 303

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Glasslab 303 10” Fixed Downstem Beaker with Color Lip Bong
10" Fixed Downstem Beaker w/ Color Lip

10" Fixed Downstem Beaker w/ Color Lip