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13" Grav Labs Dual Action Inline Water Pipe

This is the Official Dual Action Inline Water Pipe from Grav Labs, looking at this bong and it definitely looks like something you will see in a scientist’s lab. This bong looks sick


This bong is probably one of the funkiest bongs out there, it actually looks like a tap set you see in a scientist lab. They have two sections that can be used to section one allows you to put in a bowl attachment (Sold Separately) and the second section allows you to attachment a nail attachment (Sold Separately). This is then inhaled from the main mouthpiece. This bong has a shower head so when your inhaling you won’t get any water in your mouth.

How to clean you bong

Cleaning your bong is quite simple, all you need is some Isopropyl Alcohol Solution and some Fresh Water. Mix the two together and pour it into the bong and give it a good swirl, make sure you remove any colouring and parts that might be stuck on the inside of the bong. Instead of throwing out the solution, you can use it for letting your attachments for the bong soak and let them have a good clean. Because remember the cleaner the bong, the cleaner the hits will be.

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