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16" Beaker Water Pipe

The GRAV 16 inch beaker water pipe is designed for cool and smoother hits.


  • For flower
  • Geometric pressed pinch
  • Removable downstem

What’s in the box?

1 x - GRAV 16” breaker water pipe, 1 x 14mm Grav funnel bowl

GRAV 16” Large Beaker Base Water Pipe

The 16 inch Large Beaker Base Water Pipe has a bigger base that can pack more flower than the smaller variants. It features a downstem that will diffuse smoke first to ensure cool and smooth hits. The downstem is also removable for ease of cleaning and a consistent taste.

The Large Grav 16” Beaker Base Water Pipe also comes with an ice pinch for cooler hits. Whether you would like to pack more for more use, opt for a removable downstem, or a chilled hit, then this would be your choice. Use it out of the box with around 2.5” water as the water pipe now has a lower water line and improved pull.

Product Variants

GRAV Beaker Water Pipe is available in 8”, 12” and 16” variants

The 16” GRAV Beaker Water Pipe comes in the large size for larger capacity.

The glass water pipe also sports the Grav Labs decal.

Technical Details


16 inches



Base width

3.5 inches


14mm Female to male joint

Best for



The 16in Grav Large Beaker Base Water Pipe uses a US-grade borosilicate glass with a bigger base and sleek, accent colors. It has the Grav Labs decal on the glass. The overall look is contemporary.

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