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The Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder | 4 Part

Save 38% Picture of The Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder | 4 Part
  • The Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder | 4 Part
  • The Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder | 4 Part
  • The Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder | 4 Part


$15.95 - You save 38%!


4 for £20 Bundle!

What's This?

4 for $20 bundle in honour of the sacred time 4:20pm marks blazing time! This incredible value package available for a limited time only, includes the following:

  • 1 x Twisty Glass Blunt (Value $29.95)
  • 1 x NamasteVapes Lotus Vape Bag (Value $6.95)
  • 1 x 3 part Aluminium Grizzly VGrinder (Value $24.95)
  • 10 x NamasteVapes Cleaning Wipes (Value $5.95)

Special Price $69.95 $20.00!

Add a Grizzly Glass Stir Tool?

What's This?

Grizzly Originals Glass Stir Tool

A high-quality glass stir tool - perfect for mixing your aromatherapy blends!

Special Price $12.95 $8.95!

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The Wolf Grinder | Herb Grinders

These little pocket sized 4 part grinders from Wolf Grinders are super handy and should be included in everybody's stash boxes! The Wolf Herb Grinder comes in 3 different sizes: Small (1.5 inches in diameter), Medium (2.2 inches in diameter) and Large (2.5 inches in diameter) so these truly are great discreet, portable herbal grinders. 

4-Part Herbal Grinder

The anodized aluminum that they are made of is tough and durable so that they can withstand taking a beating on your travels. The Wolf Grinders come equipped with razor sharp cutting teeth which will always do a perfect job of cutting up your dry herb material. The rare earth neodymium magnets do a brilliant job of holding the two halves of the grinder together and they have also added a non-stick nylon ring to the joint section to make the action as smooth as possible. The sifter screen in the base allows any separated pollen sacks to fall all the way through and be stored in the base for use later when you need that little bit extra. Included with the grinder are a velvet carry pouch for it and a plastic pollen scraper.

Please Note: Select the size of your grinder in the dropdown menu.

  • Small = 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Medium = 2.2 inches in diameter
  • Large = 2.5 inches in diameter


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