7" STAX Straight Base w/ Coil & Showerhead Perc

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7" Stax Flare Base w/ Coil & Showerhead Perc – Clear

This is the Official Flare Base w/ Coil & Showerhead Perc from Stax. This Flare Base stand at 7” tall. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase the neck separate as the flare base doesn’t come with one.


The base of the bong is 7” tall, In order to use it at its full potential you will need to purchase a neck attachment for the base. This will turn your base into a bong. If you aren’t happy with the bowl provided you can add your own bowl.

How to clean your Flare Base

Cleaning the Flare Base is quite simple, remove all the attachments from the base and leave to one side. You will need three things to clean the base. Isopropyl Alcohol, Fresh Water and Paper Towels. Mix the Isopropyl Alcohol and the Water together in a jar, pure the mixture into the base and give it a good swirl, to make sure the coloring and the dried product has being removed. Empty the solution back into the jar and leave for later, not rinse out the base and leave to dry. Now take back the jar with the solution and put in the neck and bowl into it, leave them for about 30-60 minutes to clean, rinse off with water and dry with the paper towels.