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8" Clear Banger Hanger W/3-Wheel Percolator

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Glasslab 303 Banger Hanger with 3-Wheel Percolator

With their specialized designs, high-quality materials, and American color varieties, Glass lab 303’s glass stands out from many other high-end and mid-grade smoking products. Their experienced in-house design team handpicks the raw materials and American color rods for all of their products. 

This Glass lab 303 banger hanger rig is an 8-inch tall piece crafted entirely from 5mm thick, high-quality glass that is both durable and stunning on any tabletop. This rig has an incredible, 3-wheel percolator that efficiently diffuses smoke for a nice smooth hit.

This banger hanger has a large diffusion chamber with a bent neck design and a comfortably flared mouthpiece. Spend less time coughing, and more time enjoying high-quality smoke that is easy on your lungs thanks to this Glass lab 303 8” banger hanger with a 3-wheel Percolator. 

Top Features of Glasslab 303 Banger Hanger with 3-Wheel Percolator


A banger hanger is a style of rig that exclusively uses bangers, which are quartz bowls that are able to withstand the extreme temperatures necessary for taking dabs. This dab rig has an upright female joint for a male jointed banger to fit into. 

3-Wheel Percolator

A percolator in a dab rig or glass water bong is designed to diffuse smoke to allow for draws that are cooled down and smooth, resulting in smoke that is less harsh on your throat.

Their signature 3-wheel percolator rig forces the smoke through three little wheels inside the chamber that work to diffuse and cool it down for smooth hits in every session.

Colorado Certified

Every Glass lab 303 piece is quality checked in Denver, Colorado, and marked with their “Colorado Certified” gold label to ensure authenticity and quality to all of their customers. 

How to Use Glasslab 303 Banger Hanger with 3-Wheel Percolator

Thanks to this piece’s simplicity, this banger hanger rig is so easy to use that you’ll become a pro within minutes. Operating this Glass lab 303 rig is as simple as lighting up the banger with a torch, dropping in your concentrates, and enjoying a nice smooth hit.

1. How to Operate Glasslab 303 Banger Hanger with 3-Wheel Percolator

Put your Glass lab 303 banger hanger rig flat on a tabletop with the concentrates ready to go on the side. Take a torch and light the banger until it glows red. Turn off the torch and put it in a safe place since it will still be pretty hot. Quickly drop the concentrates into the quartz banger and stir using a dab tool as you inhale from the piece. 

2. How to Get Cool Hits from the Glasslab 303 Banger Hanger with 3-Wheel Percolator

For the coolest hits from the Glass lab 303 banger hanger, make sure that you do not have residue building up on your piece as this will negatively affect the quality of your smoke. Perform deep cleanings on your rig very often if you are a frequent user. Stick with fresh concentrate, and never attempt to use this rig with material that it is not compatible with, such as herbs and oils. 

3. How to Maintain/Clean Glasslab 303 Banger Hanger with 3-Wheel Percolator

Take your Glasslab 303 dab rig and fill it with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt, then let it soak for a few hours. After it has had time to soak, take your rig, cover open holes, then shake it well in order to fully clean out those little percolator wheels inside.

Empty this alcohol and salt mixture from the banger hanger rig, then rinse well with warm water. Scrape off the inside of the banger with a dabber tool, then take your torch and heat up the banger to get rid of any residue that is remaining.

When this banger has cooled, take a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol and wipe.

Repeat this entire process until you no longer see residue on the piece. 

Technical Specifications 


8 inches



Glass Thickness



Glasslab 303

What’s Included? 

  • 1x Glasslab 303 Banger Hanger with 3-Wheel Percolator rig
8" Clear Banger Hanger W/3-Wheel Percolator

8" Clear Banger Hanger W/3-Wheel Percolator