Grav Labs 8" Beaker Water Pipe w/ Fixed Downstem


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8" Grav Labs Beaker Water Pipe w/ Fixed Downstem

This is the Official Beaker Water Pipe w/ Fixed Downstem by the Grav Labs. The Beaker Water comes in a Clear Black, its also made out of Borosilicate Glass.

A classic looking bong which is a top notch product to be fair. So plain and yet so stylish you will never, ever regret getting this bong and at such a low price why not just buy two of them!

Fixed with a downstem is just such an amazing plus when buying this bong you just have to go out right now and buy it for yourself.

Minimal coughing and spluttering, so very little mess in the end. It is also very easy to clean as well which is great news for the avid bong user.