Acrylic 2-Chamber Recliner and Bubble Bong

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Acrylic 2-Chamber Recliner and Bubble Bong

This is the Official 2-Chamber Recliner and Bubble Bong. This bong is made out of acrylic, which is probably the best material to use to make a bong or any smoking accessory because acrylic is in most cases shatterproof, which means you can store your bong anywhere and not have to worry where you store it. 

How to clean the bong

Now since this is a weird looking bong to clean and you will agree when you try and clean but believe me its better easy. All you will need is some Isopropyl Alcohol and Water. Mix the two together and pour into both section of the bong and give a good swirl until you feel that its clean enough. Empty both slots into a jar and then place the mouthpiece and leave the mouthpiece in a jar for an one or so until its clean. 


  • Material Used : Acrylic
  • Recliner: 30cm
  • Bubble: 18cm

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